August Neutrals

14 August 2019

It's been so long since I wrote a post that I don't really know where to start...firstly, hello, happy Wednesday, I hope you're all really well. I took some time off to focus on the end of Year 10, clear my mind and come back with a fresher idea of where I want to go with this. 
If you haven't seen on my insta stories (@bepbeee), I've got a new blog post going up everyday until Monday. I go on holiday on Friday but the posts have been written and are ready to go live so will update my stories every time one is uploaded. When I get back from holiday, I will be posting my Portugal photography and outfits including a summer lookbook over on IGTV on instagram. I'm so excited to get back into creating content again, it's been too long and having a break has made me realise how much I love it. 

So I thought was only right for me to come back from a break with an outfit post...

Ever since I bought this basket bag, I have been obsessed and you can probably tell because I wear it with everything! I've said this before but it is so versatile and it can change a whole look. It isn't 'in your face' but the texture stands out against clothes which is different to your standard leather bag.

Obviously mine's quite small which is the perfect size for me but if you're looking for one, there are so many styles out there and most shops stock them! Mine is from an independent shop called 'Bailey's Home' near Herefordshire (last year holiday purchase) so make sure to check shops near you that are similar to this as well as the high street. 

Moving on to these trousers. First of all, bit of a PSA, these were in the sale from £29 in Topshop down to £10 so if you want them too, go run now!! lol
I haven't owned anything like this before but I feel like a hole I didn't know existed is now filled in my wardrobe (no exaggeration haha). I'm taking these on holiday with me and I can see myself wearing them in Autumn with a light jumper and trainers so again, a very versatile piece to have. 
I love the wide leg, light breezy material, the paperbag detail and the tortoise shell button. Sooo basically everything!
Just a quick thing about sizing, I got my normal size but if they didn't have the tie at the waist, they would be a bit big.

(all jewellery will be featured in an up coming post)

You can never go wrong with a basic black vest top and when finding something to pair with these trousers, I knew I wanted to go for something simple. I would also pair them with a t-shirt or a jumper in Autumn like I said earlier. I was looking for one this shape and found this in New Look for around £5 so pretty cheap and it's good quality. 

Finally, thank you so much to my friend Ellie for taking these photos, you're a legend (and a very good photographer) <3.

Bethan xx

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