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15 April 2019

Last week I posted an insta story asking for questions for me and my sisters to answer, thank you to everyone that sent one in! We have had such fun answering them so I hope you all enjoy this one, it's certainly one of my favourites.

If you don't follow me on Instagram (or have been living under a rock haha) I have two sisters, Megan who is 21 and Bronwen is nearly 19. This is their first (and hopefully not the last) appearance on here and it has been in the works for a long time. 

What's your favourite thing about each other?
Megan: It's hard to pick one thing! One of my favourite things about Bethan is her ability to be herself and not care about what other people think. She knows who she is and what she wants. I think it's so cool to be able to have that sense of self already. One of my favourite things about Bronwen is her strong sense of morals. She sticks up for what she believes in and doesn't follow the crowd. 
Bronwen: I've always admired Bethan's dedication. She continually puts 100% into everything she does, from a photography photoshoot to a rendition of Whitney Houston's 'I will always love you' (Hit them high notes sistaaa). Megan has a high sense of adventure which I love about her because we can find excitement and joy in the smallest of things. She will also always inspire me to push myself and break out of my comfort zone. 
Bethan: As I'm the youngest, I have always looked up to Meg and Bron. They have shown me the way and always have the best advice whenever I need it. They both can make me laugh until my sides hurt and I can always count on them to be my dance and duet partners(lol), and yes I do love my Whitney Houston! Megan will always inspire me to give my all in anything I do. I am always in awe of how hard working Bronwen is, she is definitely an example of hard work pays off. I love that we can be our weird selves without caring! I'm so lucky to be able to call my sisters, my best friends too. 

Favourite memory together?
Megan: We are so lucky as we have made so many amazing ones! I think one of my favourites is dancing to ABBA on the beach in Portugal. I always look back at the videos from that night as it was so fun, we all look so happy.
Bronwen: Any snow day we've shared together. Last year was particularly fun as we would venture out in the cold together to get bread and soup! I want to also include our holiday to Lapland (pretty sure this is allowed) with our family as we have so many incredible memories from there.
Bethan: I was going to say the same as Megan, I do the same and look back at the videos too. It really felt like real life Mamma Mia! I love to be spontaneous and the little things we do together like days out will always be up there as a favourite e.g beach days or our day in Brighton back in 2017. We have honestly just had the best time thinking of these answers!

Future plans together? 
Megan: We are going back to Portugal in Summer so hopefully we'll have more dancing on the beach to ABBA, haha! It would be really cool to travel somewhere together, I reckon we will do that at some point. 
Bronwen: We would all love to go back to the Harry Potter studio tour as it has changed so much since we last went there! Gringotts looks insane. (Megan has just put on Harry Potter whilst I'm typing this...) Brighton is another place we have been before but really want to go again soon.
Bethan: Writing last is so difficult haha as I can't think of anything different. Going travelling together is something I would LOVE to do.

Best and hardest thing about uni?
Megan: I love performing and creating theatre, uni has allowed me to dedicate so much of my time to doing that. I love living with my friends and sharing experiences with them. Being away from home and my family has been the hardest thing. Also having to take care of myself! I hate deciding what to cook for dinner especially when you realise there's hardly any food in the fridge haha. 

Where do you want to be in five years time? 
Megan: I would love to be in a job that I really enjoy doing. I'd hope that I was still acting/performing and feeling creatively fulfilled. Just generally feeling happy and sharing experiences with good people. 
Bronwen: I'm really not sure where I'll be in 5 years time. Similarly to Megan, I hope I am in a place that is happy. 'On holiday' does sound really nice though...
Bethan: I would love to think I'll still be blogging and hopefully ventured into the world of fashion, maybe doing a degree even though I'm not keen on uni at the moment. I really hope that I have got good grades in my GCSE's and A-levels too! Basically living my best life surrounded by my favourite people.

Scariest experience together? 
Megan: When our dad drove us all up the Hardknott pass in the Lake District and we all thought we were going to die haha. The inclines were ridiculous and we were on the edge of falling! 
Bronwen: At first I couldn't think of anything apart from what Megan has already said which I definitely agree was VERY scary! Then I remembered how loudly I screamed when we went on a ride called Tropical Cyclone at Center Parcs, I guess we'll go with that one then.
Bethan: Omg I don't think I've ever sweat so much (ew), completely agree with Megan! However, I also hate rollercoasters so you can imagine how terrified I was when we went on Vampire at Chessington World of Adventures. Meg and Bron loved it though, little weirdos haha.

Bethan, Megan and Bronwen xx


  1. This is the cutest post! Sounds like you're so close to each other. I always feel so lucky to have a sister, there's no bond like it x

  2. This is the cutest! Love the bond you and your sisters have x


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