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3 March 2019

Last week, me and family took a trip to London mostly to visit the National Portrait Gallery and the National Gallery. The weather was so amazing and the photo opportunities were just too good to not make a blog post out of it!
Every time I visit London, I always come away feeling so inspired, especially after seeing the incredible art/photography work in the galleries. I've included some of my favourites and I personally found it so useful for my photography GCSE and ideas for my final piece. 
I absolutely love all these photos, they certainly did not need much editing at all.

The inside of the National Gallery. How crazy?

Trafalgar Square: Our lunch spot.

One of the greats, David Bowie. Such a cool piece of art work. Painted by Stephen Finer.

It felt so surreal to see this in real life!

This was by far my favourite exhibition, it is called Illuminating Women by Mayotte Magnus. So inspiring and it was really interesting to find out that this was the first photographic exhibition featured in the National Portrait Gallery.

Bethan xx

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