Upcoming Fashion Trends For 2019

9 January 2019

Happy new year everybody! I hope you all had a magical Christmas and have had an amazing start to your 2019. I certainly had such a great Christmas and new year, now just so sad everything's over!

I wrote a similar post to this last year and loved creating it so I thought I would do the same for 2019 as this year is definitely going to be the year for all things colour. I'm so ready for it! Here are some of the fashion trends you may see pretty much everywhere in the shops this year...

1. Tie Dye
I first saw this and was a bit shocked as I was never a huge fan but it is true, the unique 60s print is definitely making a comeback. Obviously 2019s version is a lot more chicer. I love to add a bit of colour to my wardrobe especially in the summer so I am really excited to see different shops take on it and how I will, hopefully, incorporate it into my style. Whether you go for a yellow tie dye beach maxi dress (looks a but more subtle) or a bold matching two-piece, hopefully there is something for all you colour lovers. 

2. Puffed shoulders
Bold shoulders are certainly not a new thing but this year everything is going to get a whole lot puffier. With pleats of elastic gathered at the shoulder, they would work so well with square necklines on dresses or a blouse. This one can be so versatile, in many different colours so perfect for those who have a more monochrome palette in their wardrobe. I love this one and can just picture a white puffed shoulder dress with a basket bag and a pair of brown sandals, lets just hope the weather is on our side because a jacket could be quite difficult to wear!

Oh yes, if you haven't seen it already, 2019 = vibrancy because neon is going to be huge this year. I would love to give this one a go as I think with the right things, it could look so cool. If I was to ever go to a festival or if any of you are going to one this year, anything like this with a pair of dungarees is how I probably would style a neon top. I would love to know your opinions on this one- definitely a marmite item.

4. Tortoiseshell jewellery or accessories 
As you may have seen last year, tortoiseshell buttons were on every blouse ever to be seen but this year its all about the accessories. I actually received a pair of circle shaped tortoiseshell earrings for Christmas and have been obsessed with them ever since. You can get them in so many different shapes and sizes, I have seen and loved some hexagonal ones too! If you are looking for something similar to this, Asos and Topshop are like tortoiseshell central. I also received for Christmas, the Topshop faux fur bag with a tortoiseshell clip frame which you will no doubt see soon here on the blog, keep your eyes peeled if you're a fan of this trend. I love how easy it is to wear and how it can be worn many different ways. 

Bethan xx

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