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25 January 2019

I love a good podcast. I always enjoy listening to them in the background whilst I'm doing something in my room, like homework or blogging.  I find them quite intimate and personal as you are just listening into people's conversations but they are all so interesting. Over the past year and a bit, I've been discovering so many different ones so today I thought I would collate all of my favourites and share them with you.

1. George Ezra and Friends 
It 's a known fact that I'm a huge Ezra fan so when I found out about his podcast, I knew it would become a favourite. Every week he has someone from the music industry on the podcast and they discuss their influences, how they got to where they are today and more personal aspects of their lives. Some of the guests that have appeared on the podcast include, Ed Sheeran (such a good episode!), Sam Smith, Lily Allen, Niall Horan (big fan of this one too) and Ellie Goulding. Each guest has their own inspiring story to tell.  

2. The Fringe Of It
Charlotte Jacklin and Liv Purvis started out their podcast as an extension to both of their blogs chatting all things friendship, style, life lessons and confidence. Being an avid reader of both of their blogs and scroller of their Instagram feeds, I love listening to them talk about the things I love and find so interesting. They split it up into sections of sharing their recent buys and discoveries, current favourite things to watch on Netflix etc and always have a catch up about their week. A good easy listen to make you feel chilled and happy!

3. Happy Mum Happy Baby
This seems like an odd one for me to love as I'm 15 and obviously not a mum (lol) but this is the podcast that I would listen to every week on the day it came out. Giovanna Fletcher, the host, is such a down to earth, lovely human chatting to mums and dads about the struggles and best bits of parenthood. I love every single guest that has been on, including Fleur De Force, Alex Jones, Emma Freud, Emma Willis, Joe Wicks and of course her husband Tom Fletcher. They bring out a side to people I haven't seen before especially on Instagram where their lives seem so different. It's full of heartwarming, funny and sometimes sad moments, a bit of everything!

I also asked on Instagram last night for you all to share your favourite podcast, these are some of the ones you sent in:
- At Home With
-Thick and Thin
-True Geordie
-Armchair Expert
-Mile Higher
-Happy Place 
Thank you all for sharing! 

Bethan xx

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  1. I've listened to a couple of these but 'The high low' and 'love stories with Dolly Alderton' are definitely my faves x



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