Beating The January Blues

13 January 2019

Doesn't January always feel like the longest month ever? I tend to struggle so much with the darker evenings, especially when the week feels like a year and I'm dragging myself through to Friday. Like I do with a lot of my blog posts, I write them for me to take advice from too so hopefully we can all beat the January blues together. *insert punch emoji here*

1. Set small tasks for everyday
I love feeling productive but I hate feeling like I have underachieved. Being at school with lots of different bits of homework to do, some due in the next week or day, you have to be realistic with how much you're actually going to get done that evening. I normally try and get as much as I can do in one evening but it never usually works out that way. January is quite a slow (certainly long) and unproductive month but by getting small tasks done everyday, things might not seem so daunting.

2. Do more things that make you happy
Like I've said, January is a weird month but also it can be very boring. Christmas has been and gone (so sad) and now the only thing I can think about is Spring and Summer, I've got some exciting things to look forward to already which is great but it isn't going to make January go any quicker. As well as trying to keep up with the workload, I've been planning blog posts and writing a lot more already which is something I really enjoy (obvs) and would like to make more time for. We love to go on walks by the beach, I find it really clears and rejuvenates my mind. Perfect for beating those blues. 

3. Declutter
I need to do this badly. I'm an organised person so things aren't messy but I could do with a clear out of my clothes and the storage under my bed. I never know how much this actually improves my mood until I do it so this is definitely next weekend's job. Starting 2019 as we mean to go on!

Also, not intentionally but I've realised I've made this post very colourful, I always think that wearing bright clothes or being surrounded by colourful things/blue skies boosts my mood all the time.

*Photos are of a diner where we live, so cool and fifties! It's @delphines_dinermite on Instagram.

Bethan xx

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  1. Decluttering was the first thing I did this month and I feel so good after doing it!


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