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6 November 2018

*Disclaimer: Before I start this post, these products have been so kindly sent to me by Anatomicals however, all opinions are my own. I'm so grateful for this opportunity to work with them again.

A while ago Anatomicals got back in contact with me and asked if I wanted to choose some more products from their website- of course I said yes please! It's taken me a fair bit of time to get this review up as I really wanted to test out the products properly to make sure I give you honest opinions! 

First up is the 'We never forget a face. Memorably good face wash', I love a good face wash! This one especially as it makes my skin feel so clean and soft. All you have to do is apply it to you wet face, move it around in circular motions and rinse. The face wash lathers up really well and I could feel it refreshing my skin which is very satisfying! It also leaves a slight glow to the skin, great for this time of year if you're missing that 'holiday look'. I've had a few spots this month and I have used this a lot of the time as part of my daily skincare routine to try and get rid of them, it seems to be working!

To apply after I use the 'We never forget a face. Memorably good daily moisturiser'. I love how light on the skin this feels and I have just read on the information that it's meant to reduce wrinkles and make you look ten years younger- I didn't realise this (oops!) but what I can say is that it left my face feeling rejuvenated and soft. It also says it has no fragrance and includes vitamins, oils and botanicals so this would be perfect for sensitive skin. I love the fact it has SPF 15 in it as it's so important to keep your skin protected at all times. 
However, I would say a little goes a long way- only use a tiny, pea sized amount as sometimes a bit more came out for me and it left my face oily around my T-zone.

Finally, I kindly got sent the 'Never lose your cherry. SPF 8 lip balm'. This one is probably my favourite! With a unique slanted shape, it's so comfortable to apply and the texture is more like a gloss (not sticky at all) so it stays on such a long time even when drinking and eating. My lips usually get so chapped around this time of year and this instantly vanishes the 'dry lip look'. It has a pink-y tint to it leaving them looking 'plumped' and healthy. 

Anatomicals website: 
Also can be found on Asos! 
Their Instagram: @anatomicalsuk 

Thank you so much again to Anatomicals, I loved working with you! 

Bethan xx

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