A New Found Love For Jewellery And Accessories

24 November 2018

I have become a little bit obsessed with jewellery since I got my ears pierced and I love how it pulls together an outfit. I thought I'd share a few of my current favourites in my wardrobe right now.

Leopard print belt (Dorothy Perkins £5)
Ever since the whole animal print trend came about, I searched practically every website to find the perfect leopard print belt and no where seemed to have what I was looking for. A couple of days before I bought this one, I bought one from Primark that I loved but was too big and there wasn't a smaller size. However when I found this one from DPs I loved it a little bit more and it actually fits me! I like the width of the belt and how it stands out if you're wearing a plain outfit. I would wear it with anything like obviously jeans but I also change my boiler suit belt to this one and I think it would look so cool with a dress and a pair of biker boots that are currently on my Christmas list! I have also seen some much more expensive ones in Topshop for £26 so this is a definite bargain. 

Hoop earrings (ones shown in photo are from Pull & Bear)
I have become obsessed with hoops! Ever since I got my ears pierced in the summer, I couldn't wait to experiment with different earrings so when I saw these in Pull & Bear, I knew I had to pick them up. They came in a set with other different sizes for £5.99 which is such a good price but I'm not expecting them to last a long time, at the moment they are still going strong and I wear them most days (obviously not for school). I love gold jewellery and how the hoops give a whole new vibe to an outfit. 

Gold necklace Primark £2.50
I love my coin style necklaces and have quite the collection now, recently adding this beautiful one from Primark to it. I have been wearing it non stop and it looks SO good with any outfit. I would really recommend looking in there if you're after something similar as they have some amazing necklaces in there right now that you wouldn't think were from Primark. The design is so cool and different from my other necklaces. My favourite way of wearing it is by layering this with two of my other necklaces and I love how it looks!

Bethan xx

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  1. Lovely jewellery choices! I am exactly the same right now, I was never really one for jewellery until recently and now I feel really bare without a necklace on! I am defintely getting myself down to Primark because I cannot get over how nice your necklace is for the price, but I also love the belt too, the print is so unique and again so affordable! x

    Erin // Everything Erin


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