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25 October 2018

I have been eyeing up this coat in Primark for such a long time so when I went in on Tuesday I knew I had to pick it up as it's a very popular item. My go-to outfit recently is a plain-ish jumper, jeans and trainers so this coat goes perfectly and just finishes off the outfit. I am loving the 'put together', girl boss look!
I had to get a size 12 in this which is not very surprising as their sizing can be off sometimes! I'm usually a size 8 but do actually always size up in coats so I can fit jumpers underneath but the size 10 was a bit snug around the arms. 
Nevertheless, it looks so great with simple outifts and can dress up any look with all the swishy vibes. (Plus it was a bargain at £30!)

My hunt for a leopard print belt has finally ended! After finding one in Primark which was kind of identical to this one but a bit darker that was too big, I saw this one in Dorothy Perkins for only £5! I love the ring detail. The leopard print adds so much to a simple outfit, this is a great piece to go for if you are starting out with this trend. 

I can't believe I didn't have a black jumper in my wardrobe until now, I have been missing out! It will go with everything and as it was from Primark, it was so cheap at £6! Even though it won't last a long time like something from Topshop maybe would, if you're on a budget like me, such a great buy! They had loads of different colours too so I might pop back in and get some more! I love the contrast between the light of the jeans and the darkness of the jumper, I think it looks really effective with the style of the coat. 

The other items that I haven't bought recently but are in this outfit are my jeans from Topshop and my trainers from Bershka. 

I can't wait to wear this outfit more and pair this coat with many more pieces in my wardrobe.

Have a lovely weekend! 

Bethan xx

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