I Need To Share More Of My Real Life Online. This Is Why.

22 October 2018

I think about this topic so much and I actually think it's very important to talk about it. My life online and social media as a whole has changed significantly since I started my blog over 3 years ago. Obviously everything is going to evolve over time but what I think shouldn't change is the way people act on it and the intentions people have surrounding it. 

When I started, it felt like there was no pressure. You could post a photo without really worrying about anything. Now it's a lot more different. 

Everything has become filtered and tweaked for people to see but the people are also changing too. 

It's pretty clear to see how the 'perfect body' can have a huge impact on most teenagers but also adult's lives and there is only one reason for why this is happening; Instagram users need to be real!

I refresh and scroll through hundreds of bloggers accounts and still think, 'they have such a good life' or 'I wish I could do that'. However in reality, everyone has bad days that they don't show/post online. Should we share our "unworthy of Instagram" days?

Instagram is little squares of people's perfect moments that they have chosen to share. I think the word 'chosen' is really important is this scenario because I don't think anyone would choose to post a photo of them in tears because their day has been tough over a lovely edited outfit post. 
I'm not saying we should all post lots of negative posts from now on but there should be more light shed on the days that haven't been the best, the ones where nothing has gone right, the more relatable stuff. 

The reason I wanted to write this post was to share that I think I need to do the same. If I'm looking at accounts where it seems that everything is dandy in their lives, then I can carry on the change of sharing the more real side of my life. 

I want people to know when they look at my Instagram, that I'm just a normal teenage girl that has to balance blogging, family, friends, school work and mostly fails at doing that. Some days I can be spending it feeling so bored, out of my mind with homework or at a lovely pumpkin patch. It's all about balance!

I don't want Instagram to be a place where our future/current generation see people changing the way they look, feeling insecure because they don't look like the 'perfect' human being (is there even such a thing anyway?!) or being pressured into posting to be liked and commented on. I'm not a preacher and I don't want to be at all, but no one is perfect, we all make mistakes and have insecurities. 

This post is only to show my niggling thoughts that I have wanted to put down on paper for so long. I am one of many that feel like this I know but that won't stop me sharing my views on things that need to change. 

What are your favourite 'real' accounts you follow? Let me know what you think and if you have any other thoughts or ideas- I would love to hear them!

Bethan xx

The reality of most photoshoots. LOL

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