Lip Balm Lovin' With Burt's Bees #gift

21 September 2018

Hey everyone! 

I'm so excited for this post! 
About a month ago, Team Fluorescent PR (they manage Burt's Bees and many other companies!) got in touch and enquired about any new releases that I would like to try. 
I have loved Burt's Bees for such a long time so when I saw they had new products out, I had to pick them! A huge thank you to Team Fluorescent for sending me them out.

The only thing I don't like about this time of year (apart from darker evenings!) is that my lips get so chapped and dry! Burt's Bees seem to save the day year after year. They sent me two lip balms so read below for all the information on them both!

All Weather SPF Lip Balm £4.99 
Key Product Claims:
-100% natural
-All season and sun protection 
-SPF 15
-Water resistant up to 40 mins

This is such an all year round lip balm that will be good for any weather. With a peppermint scent, it's so fresh and measuring, perfect for when the cold weather starts to kick in or summer as no one wants burnt lips!

(Updated) Burt's Bees Original Collection £3.99

I got sent the Coconut and Pineapple scented one and I think it could slowly become a favourite. They apply so smoothly and feel so lovely on your lips leaving them with a matte/shiney finish. There are 11 different varieties and are all new with weather SPF 15. As soon as it's on, my lips completely transform (dramatic but they do) from looking cracked and dry to revitalised. I honestly have it on me all the time!

All available in Boots stores, John Lewis, Superdrug, Topshop, Holland & Barrett and pretty much every supermarket.

Thank you so much again to Team Flurescent for sending me them, I love them! And hope you like the photos too, they are some of my favourites. (Thanks Bronwen!)

Bethan xx

P.s I'm just going to leave this here haha (getting too carried away with the shoot oops)

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