Summer Days & A New Love For Maxi Skirts

5 August 2018

Hey everyone!

It feels like I haven't uploaded a style post in ages! 
As soon as I bought this skirt yesterday from H&M, I knew that I had to create a post about it immediately. It has even pushed other posts to the back seat because I'm that excited to share my new favourite outfit with you all! (Sounds dramatic but describes me to a 'T'- fashion>everything haha)

Polka Dot Cami Top- Topshop £6

I've already featured this top on the blog before but I'm going to feature it again because number one- I'm obsessed with anything polka dot (have you noticed?), number 2- the price, £6 for Topshop is a bargain and number three- it just generally needs more air time on here. It such an easy 'throw on' top that goes with nearly everything. In this heat, it has seriously been a life saver. (Also dramatic haha, it's just really great okay?)

Basket bag- Bailey's Home £8 (you can find one anywhere though!)

I've also become obsessed with this bag as you might have already gathered and it's just become a habit of pairing it with everything, also because this is one of the only bags I own. I just love it so much! It always creates a whole different vibe of the outfit and looks like you've dressed for holiday which is a great bonus, if you ask me.

Black and White Patterned Maxi Skirt- H&M (in the sale for £12 but not online)

This is one of my new favourite clothing items, and I only bought it yesterday. It reminds me so much of Mamma Mia, I just need cowboy boots and a guitar! I have never owned a maxi skirt before so it was a bit out of the norm at first and all day today I had to hold it up whilst going down stairs which made me feel like royalty, haha. Even though it wasn't expensive at all, it is such a special piece that I'm excited to wear more and take care of.

Bethan xx


  1. LOVE this outfit! It's gorgeous, the dress is especially beaut xx

    1. Thank you! It’s one of my favourites Xx


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