Getting My Ears Pierced | 2.08.18

9 August 2018

Hey everyone!

Last week on Thursday, I had my ears pierced! I could have had them done three years ago but at that time I didn't really like jewellery but as the years went on, it was more the unknown that I was afraid of. I feel like I have a high pain threshold but I always get so nervous! 

This year was different and I so wanted them done! I think it was because I had seen so many beautiful earrings but the only way I could wear them was to have my ears pierced.

We had a bit of a struggle trying to find a place that did them as having them done in certain shops in front of many people put me off so much but we decided to book in with our local jewellers. My appointment was at 5:30pm and before we had had a lovely day at the beach even though I was nervous the whole time! 
My cousin spontaneously decided to have them done too so we went in, I chose my earrings (photographed above and below) and it was over and done with so quickly. After they were pierced, I laughed because I was so relieved it was done and I felt stupid for worrying so much. I personally couldn't put a number on a scale of 1-10 on the pain as it was over before I could even feel the pain!

The people in the jewellers were so lovely especially when my cousin had hers pierced. I would have my seconds done as they look so pretty but for now, I'm just sticking with my firsts. 
If you reading this are worried about getting your ears pierced, please don't! It's over within seconds, especially if you have them both done at the same time like I did. The after feeling is probably worse than the actual piercing as my ears were a bit tight and hot. 

I am so happy that I have finally got them pierced; I can't wait to wear earrings I've seen in shops and wanted to wear for ages!

Bethan xx


  1. Aw wow! I get what you mean about the fear of the unknown, I’m like that too! Your earnings are so pretty!
    Meg |

  2. I only got my ears pierced a year or two ago, I feel like I missed the bus of getting my ears pierced as a child - it has been the best decision ever though! I love earrings so much, they are my favourite accessory now. I don't ever wear other jewellery because I wear some statement earrings!!

    1. Yes! I’m so excited to wear different earrings when the 6 weeks has finished xx


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