Prepping Your Skin For Summer With Anatomicals

19 July 2018

Hey everyone!

Just over two weeks ago, Anatomicals got in touch and asked if I wanted to choose some products on their website to blog about. Of course I said yes please, as I worked with them a while back when I was just getting started with my blog and I loved the things they sent me. So thank you so much to Anatomicals for getting in contact, I am very excited to continue to use these products throughout the summer.

We'll cool you again later- Facial Spritz £6.00
This has been my saviour over the past week. It has been so hot and this cools you in an instant and just helps your face feel a bit more refreshed. I see things like this everywhere but if you are looking for a cooling spray maybe for your holiday or just the weather here, I definitely recommend this one. It smells so good with scents of rose, lavender and peppermint. The bottle is very compact so would be a perfect size for your suitcase or handbag! Can't wait to take this on holiday with me too.

Hawaii five-glow tropical face mask 
If something has Hawaii in the tile of it, I'm completely sold and you kind of know that the product is going to be good already. I haven't actually tried this yet (going to try in a few days so I will report back to my insta story with my thoughts! @bepbeee) but I think I tried one similar or even the same to this when they sent me a few things a couple of years ago. I'm always looking for a good face mask and can't wait to use this. It includes coconut oil, papaya and pineapple extract to cleanse the skin whilst cocoa seed butter and soybean to leave your skin feeling smooth, the perfect combination! If you want glowy skin, try this one! 

More hula for your moolah- Hawaiian coconut body butter
Sticking with the scent theme, I picked this body butter which I love! It obviously smells so gorgeous and the scent is long-lasting, I can smell it on my body the whole day. It reminds me so much of holidays. A little goes a long way and it leaves your skin feeling moisturized and properly replenished. It has the consistency of a winter-y thick body butter and
in summer it is nice to use a lighter moisturiser, but as I said if you don't use a lot then it dries pretty quickly. I hate a body lotion where you have to wait ages for it to sink in! 

So those are the products I chose from their website, so grateful that they got in touch. I can't wait to carry on using them and try out the face mask, it looks so good!
Instagram- @anatomicalsuk

Hope you enjoyed this post as it's quite different  for me, I rarely post about skincare but I loved writing this post.

Bethan xx

Disclaimer: Anatomicals kindly sent me these lovely products and asked me to do a blog post on them but all my opinions in this post are honest.


  1. Ooh these look amazing, I already love some Anatomicals stuff so I really want to try these! Xx

    1. Yes they are so amazing! Love them already Xx


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