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15 July 2018

Hey everyone!

I've done a bit of shopping recently and this outfit arrived from Topshop only yesterday but I loved it so much that I knew I needed to put it on the blog straight away. So here I am, sharing this summery polka dot skirt, cami, jelly sliders and pretty cool sunglasses. 

Riley Spotted Camisole Top- £6 (Topshop)

I was really in need of little summer tops that I could just throw on with anything and if you are in need of the same, I would so recommend the Riley camisole range in Topshop. They do so many different colours and are only £6! I normally don't wear cropped things but these are so comfortable and are really cool to wear when it's so hot.

Cat eye white sunglasses- £8.99 (H&M)

I have been seeing these sunglasses everywhere and I just really wanted to jump on the trend and get some too to be honest! I can so tell why everyone loves them as they instantly bring an outfit together and if it was plain before, it isn't looking plain anymore. They are a little bit of a statement but I love something that's a bit out there and as my sister said earlier, I look like someone out of Charlie And The Chocolate Factory however, I don't think I do! Haha. (She was joking, I hope ;)

Polka dot denim skirt- £29 (Topshop)

When you make money from old clothes at a car boot sale, you buy more new clothes right? I had, had this in my basket for ages and I knew I would wear it so much, the cost per wear would be practically nothing! I purposefully got the cami to match and I think the two polka dots go so well together. The skirt is very summery and something I don't really have in my wardrobe. This won't be the last you see of it for sure.

Jelly Sliders- £4 (Primark)

I really didn't need these (I secretly did though! haha) but they were £4, feel such good quality, are comfortable and would be amazing for around the pool on holiday. They are a pair of shoes that can just be slipped on to pop to the shops or beach and are basically the shoes I've always wanted! 

See you on Wednesday for another exciting post.
And thank you so much to my sister for taking these photos!

Bethan xx

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