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7 July 2018

Hey everyone!

On Friday 22nd June (nearly two weeks ago, what!), me, my sisters, my mum, dad, uncle auntie and cousin all went up to London, Wembley stadium, to see Taylor Swift! We had been so excited for ages and it was my first proper concert so that made it even more exciting!
I thought I would write this blog post to share a huge tonne of photos (sorry about the scrolling!) and for me to also have this as a little diary to always look back on.

We didn't manage to see Charli XCX but we caught Camila Cabello and she was incredible! When we walked in, it was so surreal and breath taking. I never imagined it to be like that; the atmosphere was so overwhelming and I just feel so lucky to have been there let alone see two of my favourite artists.

I'm not sure if these were the photos from her opening songs but her entrance was amazing! It took quite some time for the feeling of 'Taylor Swift is literally there' to sink in! I still couldn't believe it for the rest of the weekend. I was singing and dancing like there was no one there from start to finish, probably why my legs and voice hurt on the Saturday but it was SO worth it.

This was one of my favourite parts of the concert. She just finished playing New Year's Day on the piano and obviously you cheer after each song but every single person just carried on for about (I have now found out, I didn't time it haha) 5 minutes. It kept getting louder and she sat at the piano looking so emotional, smiling and just taking it all in. It felt so amazing and I would honestly go back to that moment again and again because of the atmosphere that made me heart feel so warm inside. That is what music is about. 

Shake it off where Camila and Charlie came back on stage to join in with Taylor. We were so close when she came on to this small stage!

Here she is singing 'So it goes...' and she had never sung it live before, how cool is that?

Before we went in, we were given bands that lit up in different colours for every song (a gift from Taylor) and they made the stadium look so beautiful. As Taylor said, she wanted to see everyone dancing, singing and having the best time.

I have saved the best bit to write about until last! WAY before we went to the concert, we were wondering about whether she would have a special guest. Everyone we thought of wasn't going to be in England when she was going to be performing. 
Near to the end of the concert, she said how amazing a crowd we had been and would we love a special guest. Before we knew who it was, we all went crazy and then when she said Niall Horan, I don't think I've ever screamed so hard in my life! He didn't even cross our minds when we were thinking about who was going to be there so we were so shocked and I don't think I could really believe it! 
We loved them as One direction and never managed to see them live but it was so cool to have seen Niall sing Slow Hands with Taylor. You can hear me in one of the videos continuously shouting 'OH MY GOD'. 

The whole concert (or music production!) was unbelievably astounding and I would do it all again in a heartbeat. Everything that Taylor said was so inspirational and made me feel exactly how I did after seeing The Greatest Showman for the first time, like i could take on the world.
I feel so grateful to have been there and will remember it forever. If you ever get the opportunity to see Taylor, please take it! You will not regret it.

Bethan xx


  1. It sounds like you had an absolutely amazing time at Taylor Swift. I went to her Dublin concert and it was magical. I loved how different it was to 1989 but also the similarities like the light up bracelets.

    1. Ahh how amazing! Yes the light up bracelets were so cool. So glad you had a magical time too xx


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