Five Things To Do To Improve Your Day

25 July 2018

Hey everyone!

I'm finally on my Summer holidays and I'm so excited to just feel free for the next 6 weeks. I can't wait for more beach trips, sunset watching, days out and my holiday to Portugal. 

1. Wake up and think positive thoughts
I personally don't think it can do anyone good if they wake up and think that the day ahead of them is going to be rubbish, tiring or stressful because it most likely will end up that way. Everyday is obviously different and everyone does have bad days but to wake up and think today is going to be okay and I will get through it, gives you a better mind set.

2. Get some fresh air
We are so lucky to live by the beach as it's one of my favourite places to go at any time of day. The sound of the sea is so relaxing and I have made so many memories there, especially at our beach hut. Getting some fresh air and being outside can be so good to clear the mind and to feel more refreshed if you are feeling the opposite. I feel so odd if I stay inside all day even though that rarely happens.

3. Listen to music
I do this so much but not necessarily in headphones, more on our Alexa and we play it loud and pretty much dance like no one is watching. This has actually been proven to improve your mental health and just generally make you feel so much happier. 

4. An act of kindness
Helping other people, giving people genuine compliments, offering to do a favour without asking/expecting for anything back makes you feel good. It will brighten their day and yours, so it needs to be done more! 

5. Spending time with positive people
I feel like this one is my favourite. Positivity definitely generates positivity. 

Bethan xx


  1. I would love to live by the sea, it must be amazing to go whenever you feel like! I've been trying the whole waking up and thinking positive and it really helps to start the day off right!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. Yeah, we are so lucky! Ahh that’s so good, it really helps me too! xx


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