My First Trip To Wales

13 April 2018

Hey everyone!

Last Christmas, my Granny and Grandpa, instead of a physical present they said they would take all of my family to Wales to mainly see where my Granny and her family grew up. It was so generous of them and I was so excited as me, my sisters and my cousins have never been to wales before. We all have a bit of Welsh blood in us and family who still live in Wales too. 

We set off last Thursday on our 6 day road trip, basically all around the South of Wales. I thought I would share all some of the photos of the trip as it was so special.

THURSDAY: The Travelling Day

We set off at about 9am and stopped off at a Starbucks and a beautiful design store called Baileys Home. I bought the most coolest basket bag which will look so great with Spring and Summer outfits. I didn't take any photos on the first day of the place we were staying in 'Rockfield Studios' (I'll explain about that later!) and in the evening we went to the local Wetherspoons in Monmouth. 

FRIDAY: Medals Day

We traveled to the Royal Welsh Regimental Museum to see my Great Great Grandfather's medals he achieved in the war. Our Great Great Uncle donated them to the museum a long time ago so it was so incredible for us to be able to see them, let alone hold them and get to learn about the amazing person he was and what he did for our country. It was such a proud moment. The photo of them doesn't show all of the medals in full but you can see the extra bar on one of them and that is for his bravery. 
We then had a little look around the town we were in and you can also see some of the photos of our lovely view from the place we were staying in. It's so calming to just look out and see fields. (And some lambs, horses and cows as we were surrounded by a farm!)

SATURDAY: Rhossilli Bay

Even though it took a long time to get there as we went the scenic route (very beautiful!), it was so worth it. Rhosilli bay is an incredible beach that was actually voted the best beach in Europe in 2017. 



SUNDAY: Barry Island

I was so excited for this day! We visited Barry Island and did the Gavin And Stacey tour! It was so surreal to be outside Stacey's house but actually to be inside was another level and it was really lovely that the lady let us in. (Her house is basically an unofficial museum which is SO cool as you could see everything almost exactly how it was in the episodes). The beach was really beautiful and lively which was made better with the sun shining. I'm just going to add that the day was topped off by a trip to Pizza Express, what more could you want?

MONDAY: Seeing Family in Port Talbot

On Monday we travelled to Port Talbot to see where my Granny grew up and see some of her family that still live in Wales. We went for a nice lunch by the sea and it was really lovely to see some of our family who we have never met before. I really loved visiting all the houses my Granny lived in as a baby and where her mum (my great grandma) lived as a child/adult. 

TUESDAY: A Studio Tour And The Mining Museum

As I said earlier on in this post, I would explain more about where we were staying. We didn't even realise until we got to Monmouth that we were actually staying in Rockfield Studios which is in the top 10 of the best recording studios in the world!! Queen wrote and recorded Bohemian Rhapsody there and Coldplay wrote and recorded Yellow too! Other Bands like Oasis and Take That recorded there too. So crazy!! On Tuesday we had a tour of the studios by 'music legend' Kinsley Ward and that is up there with one of the most amazing experiences ever. I feel so lucky to have been in such a special place.

Later on in the day we went to the Rhondda Mining Museum in a town called Trehafod which was so interesting to see and so sad to know that people even children had to work in those horrible conditions.

WEDNESDAY: Monmouth Town, Forest Of Dean And Travelling Home

On our final day we ventured into Monmouth town which had such a huge variety of shops. Then on the way back we had a quick little trip to the Forest Of Dean which is in the last Harry Potter! How cool is that?

I think this is the longest blog post I have ever written!! I just want to thank my Granny and Grandpa for being so kind and taking me and my family on this incredible holiday. I learnt so much and will always be so grateful for the memories we have all made. 

Bethan xx


  1. That is such a sweet present and I'm happy you had the most amazing time! I love the pictures!


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