My First Braces Consulation | The Start Of The Journey

29 April 2018

Hey everyone! It feels like it has been so long since I last opened up the laptop and wrote a blog post but it was actually just last week!

Earlier on this year, after being on a 12 month waiting list, my mum finally got a call from the Orthodontist to book my first consultation for braces.  Up until this point, I was so excited to get my teeth done as I've lived with an under bite and a gap between my two front teeth all my life, but then I was seriously nervous. I had absolutely no idea what it would be like apart from the things that my sisters told me and that made me feel so anxious, especially the 'waiting room feeling'.

They looked at my teeth, gave some information to the assistant and then had a discussion with me and mum about what my braces journey is going to entail. 
I was psyching myself up so much about having to have moulds done but I actually have another consultation booked for the 21st May for that as they couldn't do it then for some reason. In one sense I was relieved but then it would have been so much better to get it all over and done with that day. 

The orthodontist said that I will have to wear block braces for 14 hours a day (I kind of knew that was coming) and they are like retainers but with blocks on either side to hopefully reduce my under bite. I say hopefully because he explained that I might have stopped growing (I haven't) and it might affect the chance of them working. If they don't, I will have to have some teeth taken out after my 12 month treatment of the blocks. I'm trying not to think about that to be honest! 

I'm having my blocks fitted on the 4th June and I will be wearing them all the time apart from school and eating. I'm quite apprehensive about it as I've heard it obviously feels uncomfortable for the first couple of days. I've just got to power through it and as I said earlier, just think of the end result! 
After about 9-12 months, I will have train track braces for I'm not sure how long but on my sheet of info my treatment is going to last 3 years-ish. And that means braces for prom!

However, the scariest thing for me that I was told was that if the whole treatment doesn't work, then I have the option to have jaw surgery which I'm guessing is having to have your jaw broken! When the orthodontist said that to me, he didn't say option. He kind of said it like I had to have it done and that isn't the case. I have the option to say no and I'm going to say no. Orthodontists have to say the worst case scenario and it will probably never come to that stage. If you are reading this, and are about to have braces or in the same position as me, you can say no to anything you don't want to have done. However much we all want nice teeth, no-one wants to be pressured into anything they feel frightened about.

I think that's all I have to say for my first step of the journey and my next update will be when I have my blocks fitted. I'll insta story what happens on my next consultation instead of uploading a post so keep an eye out for that. 
Also thank you to everyone that messaged me after putting a bit of a cry for help on my insta story after having my first consultation, I was a bit traumatised!

Bethan xx


  1. Aw hope it goes well for
    I got my braces in February this year
    I was so nervous!
    But now I live them so much and change the colour of them every 4 weeks
    I currently have rainbow!
    It feels weird for about 3 days but after that it’s fine
    I was quite lucky in the sense that I didn’t get sore gums or ulcers that I was warned about
    So overall a good experience
    I have my brace for 2 years and then I will get a retainer for 1 year

    1. Ahh that's so good that you now love them! A blog post will up this week where I talk about my first week with blocks! Thank you for sharing your story xx

  2. you're welcome!


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