Tips I've learnt About Instagram After Reading This Book

26 February 2018

 Hey everyone! Hope your Monday has been as good as a Monday can get.

The past year has been quite difficult for instagram users to build a following due to the amount of algorithm changes they have made to stop the feeds being in chronological order, and the fact that if you don't like people's posts/interact with their account, its unlikely you'll see their pictures anymore. This obviously doesn't apply to everyone as I know so many accounts that have grown a lot since it changed and have done amazingly well.

I haven't gained a lot of followers since the start of 2017 and I can't find a reason behind that as I haven't done much differently. It could be down to not posting as much and that is probably because it doesn't feel rewarding if you post and it doesn't get as many likes. But everyone is bound to feel a little bit like that anyway.
However, at Christmas I received the book 'Read This If You want To Be Instagram Famous' and really have loved reading it. I have learnt so many tips that I want to share with you all as they might help you grow your blog, instagram or business and beat the algorithm. 

1. Delete old pictures as your style evolves. SO many people scroll right back!

2. Use geotags (location of place/restaurant etc) to share where you have been. People will click on their location and see your posts.

3. Write engaging captions to add another layer of interest to your pictures and also don't forget to write one too!

4. Don't post too many images a day. Aim for 2-3 a day and spread them out.

5. Don't follow too many people. This can put people off from following you! I recently just went through and unfollowed any accounts that don't exist anymore or people that haven't posted since 2016 and feel good for it.

6. It's not all about the likes.

7. Put yourself in photo e.g your feet on a summery beach or a really cool tiled floor, it doesn't always have to be of your face.

8. You get 12.6% (facts from the book obvs) if you include at least one hashtag.

9. No clutter. Most people like to see tidiness instead of a feed that's a bit messy.

10. And just have fun. Instagram is supposed to be a happy place for people to share what they love, pictures of places and really cool things, themselves (as vain as it sounds) and nothing else.

Bethan xx

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