Five Things I'd Tell My Past Self

8 February 2018

Hey everyone! <3

After having no idea what to write for this week's post, I saw these type of blog posts floating around the internet and loved the idea of them. Although I'm only 14 and I haven't finished my GCSE's or had much life experience yet, I thought I'd give it a go and hopefully it might help a few of you going through similar things.

Here are five things I'd tell my past self:

1. If it won't matter in 5 years time, don't spend more than 5 minutes worrying about it.
I so wish I had this piece of advice to hand a couple of years ago. I know that sometimes this may be too difficult as it is so hard to stop worrying about something even if someone tells you everything is going to be fine. However, I think it would have eased my mind a little to know that a couple of years down the line, those things really don't matter to me anymore and it ~was all okay in the end~.

2. It's okay to make a mistake
I'm a total perfectionist so it was hard for me to understand that it is really fine to make a mistake and it will actually help you to do so because you learn from everything you do wrong. I remember being so upset with myself in lessons because I didn't understand something in maths or I got the wrong answer or not the best score in a test. I knew this was because I cared so much and wanted to do well but gradually I learnt that mistakes are good in a way and you learn so much more from that, than if you get everything 100% correct.

3. Don't care what people what think of you
I found this one extremely tricky in my first year of high school. Every corridor I walked through, I thought people were staring at me and judging me. An example is when I got my hair cut shorter in year 7, I got negative comments about it: telling me that it was horrible and I should've just not even cut it in the first place. I worried too much about what people thought of me that it did really affect me. In reality, no-one was actually staring or laughing at me, it is just us who think they are. Now, I really don't care and I love being me. 
If someone tells you you're weird, embrace it. 

4. Live in the moment
I feel a bit as though I am contradicting myself here in the sense that I'm telling my past self to think about the future but when I was younger I worried too much about the next week, month or year that I forgot to really just live in the moment.

5. Enjoy every little thing
Which leads me nicely along to my last point. I've learnt that up until you're about 12, you have no major responsibilities and have all the freedom in the world. I really want to just go back and tell myself that because now, I know that I'm never going to get that time back. I worried about the things I should have been enjoying and part of that wasn't my fault. If you are that kind of age, hold on to those moments as (not so dramatic as this) you probably won't get them back for a long time.

Bethan xx


  1. I totally agree that its not worth worrying about something that won't be important in five years time. I used to worry so much about everything but I think in the end I worried so much that I got sick of it and now I just don't care about things that aren't important! I think its a good thing though xx

  2. Perfect advice, I wish my 14 year old self new this! You write so wonderfully considering you're only 14, keep going at the blogging thing as I was 14 when I started and am still going at 18! Lovely read!

    Lucy Jane | Infinity of Fashion

    1. Thank you so much! It really means a lot to hear this! xx


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