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9 January 2018

Hey everyone!

As you may or may not have noticed, I have decided to make my blog self hosted! This means that I've changed the domain from Bepbeee.blogspot.com → Bepbeee.co.uk

After nearly three years of blogging, I thought it was maybe something I should consider as I knew the benefits that came along with it, alsothe fact that my blog link would look more clear and appealing. When I saw on @flolavita's insta story that it was so easy, I really started to look into it further. A night after that, I did it and I'm so happy about it. 
I'm really pleased with how quick it was because I always thought it was going to be a lengthy process.

There are so many options I could have had, '.org' '.com' +more and even ones like '.info' and '.edu'. I chose .co.uk which was only £10 a year!

Also I'm very delighted that I've already completed one of my new year goals! 

I've got a lot of other exciting things coming up soon on here so keep yours eyes peeled.
Have you started/completed one of your new year's resolutions yet? 

Bethan xx


  1. I'm so, so happy for you! You've finally done it. I keep accidentally leaving my link in comments as .blogspot.com, which is v annoying!! Xx


    (I remembered this time!!)

    1. Ahh no! I’ve typed in my old domain so many times! Thank you Flo xx


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