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21 January 2018

Hey everyone! 
I'm back after a little break that was explained in one of my insta stories earlier this week. For those of you that didn't see it, I had my Uncle and Auntie's wedding last weekend (best day of my life and had the most incredible weekend with everyone!) and annoyingly, I've been held up with a bit more school work than usual.

For christmas, I was lucky enough to receive quite a few new bits for my room and yesterday my dad kindly put them up for me! My wall on the other side of my room used to have two big shelves on it but now they have been replaced with three really cool crates, an insta-worthy message board and a pinterest esque wire grid. This ended up being quite a big transformation so I thought I'd share some photos and how I styled them in my very small room.

When I finished revamping my other wall in my room, I instantly knew what I wanted to do with this one. My shelves got a little bit boring and I just wanted a change. I asked for most of this for christmas so thank you to my fam who got me some of these things, you know who you are!

Lets start with the crates. I've always wanted something like this in my room because I knew how much stuff I could put in them that I already had, mostly cacti oops! These three are from Hobby Craft and were £8 each, bargain! I decided not to paint them as I really liked the tones of the wood contrasting with my plants and coppers. I haven't entirely finished with them yet (I just need to find little things to put in my frame, I'm thinking polaroids) but I really love how they have turned out. As you can see, I have placed plants, books, a frame, a vintage camera (that doesn't work but it's cool anyway) and more plants in them. I think it works really well and I like that if I sometime I want to change something in them, I can.

This message board is something you are going to see a LOT. I think it's so cool and I love changing around the pegs for different occasions or for motivation little sayings that I hope will encourage me to work *fingers crossed*. It comes with so many letters and symbols which is an added bonus.

I LOVE how this turned out! I had seen so many people with one of these so I was really happy when I received this. Obviously, this will continue to get more full with prints and polaroids galore but we need time for that to happen. I think this was from Amazon and it wasn't expensive at all. You can put anything on it and to do that I got these mini copper binder clips from Paperchase. Expect to see lots more photos of this over on instagram!

So that's all of my new room additions, I'm so happy with them all and I hope you like them too!

Bethan xx


  1. Omg it's all so cute and the crates look amazing with all the little bits in them :) x

  2. ahh I love it all, the photo grid is amazing and all those little post-cards look so good with it!

    Dalal //


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