HAPPY NEW YEAR! My 2018 Goals

1 January 2018

Hey everyone! HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you all had the best night last night and have had a lovely day today. 

I am definitely one for new years resolutions; I love the new start and a fresh year. I also love the satisfaction of this year that new years eve was on a Sunday and  New Years Day (today) is on a Monday.

I thought I would share with you some of my goals for this year in hope that I will achieve them!

1. Make the most of everyday

I love having productive days, being spontaneous and just having lots of fun. I am the best at procrastinating when I could be actually doing something worth while. This year, I'm going to continue to make the most of everyday or try and think of the positives in everyday, not the negatives.

2. Spend less time on social media

A lot of the time, well kind of all the time, my phone is on me or in the back pocket of my jeans. I find it really hard to switch off from the social media life and sometimes I feel like I need to just get away from it. I think by doing this, I will really appreciate it and love using it even more.


I am a spender. When I have money, I would have probably spent it in my brain before its even in my hands. It's so bad and a habit I need to get out of. This year, I'm going to save mainly for the fact that I can go in Topshop and buy more than just a t-shirt.

4. Plan and add in extra effort

I have so many ideas when it comes to blogging but I never plan and then when it comes to the day, there have been no photos taken (winter is the worst for lighting!) and I haven't really been that organised. I will always prioritise school/family over blogging so its hard to find time when I'm free to write. I think I just need to be prepared and pre-write a lot of my posts so I'm never cut short and you have no content to read!

5. Become self-hosted

Since I have been blogging (nearly 3 years ago now!) I have always wanted to become self-hosted and own a domain. Instead of my blog being bepbeee.blogspot.com it will be bepbeee.co.uk which I think looks and sounds way better! It doesn't cost much but I just need to get around to doing it. 2018 feels like the year.

That's it for this year's goals! I loved 2017 and I was so grateful to do things that if you told me 3 years ago I would be doing, I wouldn't have believed you! However, I'm so excited for what's to come this year, 2018 sounds good.

Bethan xx


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  2. This was such a lovely post xx


  3. These sound like good, achievable goals! Good luck, and happy new year! x

    1. Thank you! Sorry this is so late but happy new year to you too! Haha xx


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