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30 January 2018

 Hey everyone! Hope your all having a lovely week so far.

I haven't blogged about fashion in forever *facepalm*! I have so many ideas for style posts this year so what better way to start off with a 'trends' post. 
I can't lie, I'm a bit of a trend follower. If I see a trend and I like it, I will search the shops for something similar to what I have seen. I also love seeking out trends too from what I see in shops so today I'm going to share early current trends for 2018. Hopefully this might help some of you who are in a style rut (totally me!!) or just want a little bit of inspiration.

1. LOTS to bright colour

Anyone else feel like it's January 100th? This month has been pretty amazing for me but my god has it felt like the longest month. I have loved seeing colour in lots of shops when this time of year is a bit blue and dreary. In Topshop, they have compiled together a huge colour section which includes lots of sweatshirts, hoodies, dresses and trousers. Basically a little bit of everything but in the brightest colours to make everything a little happier. A style tip would be to wear colour as a statement and maybe wear it with items such as denim or basics. 

2. Berets and Baker Boy Hats

Wow have I seen a lot of people wearing either of these! I actually do really love them but haven't yet found a beret that suits me. These look so cool with parisian style outfits or just when your hairs a bit of a mess and a beret is the only thing that will sort it, but it also looks like your put together. Two bloggers that absolutely rock both of them are @alicecatherine and @livpurvis, go check them out for serious style inspiration!

3. Teddy Bear Coats

Probably my most favourite. In these photos, although you can't see it very well, I'm wearing the cosiest teddy bear coat from Primark for only £25, such a steal! They go with everything and I think almost everywhere is selling them for all different prices, colours and lengths. I wore mine to my Auntie and Uncle's wedding but then I have also worn it basically everyday with my jeans and trainers. It literally goes with everything and I can't wait to find more that I can lust over. 

As you can see, I have only chosen three from many so I will be sure to do more of these blog posts when the weather gets a bit more spring like. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoyed!

Bethan xx

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