The Christmas Countdown Has Begun

13 November 2017

Hey everyone! 


There is no hiding the fact that I am more than excited!! I have watched every single John Lewis Christmas Advert known to man (incase you are wondering I love the new one too!), listened to christmas music all day everyday and I had my first Costa Christmas Cup on Saturday. The lead up to Christmas is probably my favourite bit and I get so excited for everything that happens before the 25th. 

Here's is my Christmas countdown love to-do list:

- Wrapping presents listening to Christmas music

- Watching Christmas films with hot chocolates

- Christmas shopping

- Ice skating

- Opening my advent calendar

- Getting our christmas tree

-  Decorating the tree

- Going to Church on Christmas eve

- Winter walks

Let me know you love to do in the lead up to Christmas!

Bethan xx

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  1. I'm so happy you share my love for Christmas! My favourite Christmassy thing to do is pick out gifts for my family and friends :)

    Although Christmastime here is in summer and I wish it was a snowy winter rather.

    Xxx Britney


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