Stripes For Dayz

22 November 2017

Hey everyone!

I'm back today (after a long while) with a fashion post about STRIPES. A pattern that is in my everyday style and I will keep wearing forever. I have recently bought some new tops from Topshop that are of course stripey and I wanted to share them with you all. 

The first one is the 'Long Sleeve Heartbreaker Stripe Top', I love wearing it with my straight leg jeans or skinny jeans. The pocket with embroidered writing is something a little different than a plain striped top. It is also great for layering as they weather gets colder.

The next (and last) top I'm going to show you is 'Colour striped Crew Neck Top' which is my new favourite thing ever. I bought this in the Petite section (I couldn't find it in Regular) hence why I got it in a size 10 for it to be more oversized and less cropped. At the moment I have just worn it with skinny jeans but it would look so good with dungarees, skirts or mom jeans. I really love the neckline and the style of the stripes.

And there you have it, ~my stripe edit meaning tops I have probably worn too much #sorrynotsorry~. I just love stripes okay?

Sorry for the silence over here, there will be more frequent posting from now on including a new interview series, so exciting!

Bethan xx


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