Betty Box | First Impressions

2 November 2017

Hey everyone! Hope your well and having a lovely week <3

You might have seen last week, I went to my first blogger event (still can't believe I can say that *shocked emoji*) and I chatted with a beautiful brand, 'Pink Parcel' a 'time of the month' subscription box. I absolutely loved the concept of this and couldn't wait to share it with you all. When I was talking with Laura, the head of PR, she recommended Betty Box as that might suit my audience a bit more than Pink Parcel. They so kindly sent me a box to share with you all. 

When it arrived today, I was so excited and basically ripped the package open to be met with this really cool box of such amazing treats!

First of all, the box comes with your choice of tampons or pads, some for later, some for night and some for now. And then the most exciting bit, a box for YOU! Betty Box really focus on trying to make your time on your period, the best it possibly could be. In each box, you get foodie treats like a tea bag or chocolate but with this one, I got a Chocolate Brownie Mug Mix, how cool is that? Can't wait to try this out!

The tea bag that was in this month's box was the Sleep Tea by Your Tea. It has the most relaxing ingredients in it: lavender, rose and chinese dates. It is made to help you calm your mind and body before you go to sleep. 

I have been eyeing up Magn!tone for ages so I was so happy to see that their Microfibre Cleansing Cloth was in the box too! It is the most pink and soft thing I have ever felt. Like the really soft dressing gowns that you touch with so much love when you see one in the shops, like that kind of level of soft. I'm so excited to cleanse my face now and you can use it to take off your makeup too.

Then we have the Bandzee hair ties, how cool do these look? Wear them on your wrists or in your hair, (that can be kink free!!) when you want to look super stylish or just having one of those days where your hair needs to be up.

Talking on the same topic of cool things, we have these socks! Bryt socks are my new favourite thing, so soft and are definitely going to keep you warm in the cold winter nights.

Lastly in the most amazing box, there was a foot scrub by Freeman! When pampering, this would be so great to use to soothe your feet.

Now for some more info. 

Betty Box can deliver three times in a month and you can choose which one will suit you best so you can have the lovely things to comfort you when you just don't feel on top of the world. It is really worth the money, each month the box (different every month too!) will cost you £12.99 postage free and you can cancel it at anytime.

All their socials:

Website- (they have really cool things to look at over there! Go check it out x)
Instagram- @bettycollective
Twitter- @bettycollective
Facebook- @bettycollective

Thank you so much to the team over at Betty Box for sending this to me, I really love it and hope you all do too!

Bethan xx

Disclaimer- This box was sent to me for free by Betty Box, I'm really grateful for it. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. I love Betty Box! They always have such lovely bits in there, perfect for making that time of the month a bit easier. X


    1. Yes definitely really excited to start my subscription with them x


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