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11 October 2017

Hey everyone! 

After you lovely bunch voting for more lifestyle on my insta story poll (anyone else find them so helpful?), I thought I should start with a lifestyle post where you can get to know me a bit better. I’ve done lots of Q&A’s before but I wanted this one to be a bit different, more deep and maybe you find out something about me that you didn’t know before. 

@emsirose What inspired you to start blogging? What keeps you blogging? Where do you get inspiration from? 

- I think I was inspired to start a blog because for so long I had seen people do it and I wanted to start it as a little hobby to do alongside school. I was never one for clubs so blogging was a thing I could do that none of my friends (at the start) knew I was doing, it was just for me to work on and love. I’ve said before that after reading ‘Girl Online’ I really just thought i needed to bite the bullet and go for it. 

- It may sound a bit cringeworthy, but I actually think that you, my readers, the accounts that follow me on instagram keep me blogging and creating content for you all to enjoy. I’ve made so many friendships and some are now real life friends that just started from a comment on my post. I love sharing and writing about new clothes I have bought, updating you on life and just having a chat and pouring everything I want to say out online. 

- Mostly, I get my inspiration from the new clothes I have in my wardrobe, accounts on instagram or just my mind at night. It goes crazy. 

@prettilypaintedblog What is your dream future job? 

- You all know I have a huge love for fashion, new trends and in the future I would love to work in the industry, mainly styling but one day I would love to design my own range. That would be so cool! I also love writing, my dream would be to create my own magazine or novel. Obvoiusly, I know I’m only young and some people my age and older have no clue what they would love to do in the future and my decision could change again like I did a couple of years ago when I decided that afer about 7 years teaching was not for me!!

@happilyaspyn Favourite youtubers/instagram accounts? 

I love watching Zoe’s vlogs and her main channel videos, I get so excited when she uplaods! I also like watching Suzie’s videos from Hello October and Samantha Maria. 
My favourite instagram accounts are nearly the same as my favourute youtubers to be honest. 

@vieaveccharlotte How do your instagram (and blog) photos always look so good?

First of all, thank you so much, so kind of you! The camera I use is the Lumix Panasonic TZ60 but recently I have been using my new phone, the iphone 7 which has an amazing camera! The photos that I’m in my sisters take for me which is always really kind of them! But all the ones I’m not in, I take myself. This weekend, I have actually got a post going up where I show you how I edit my photos and some tips for flatlays and props you can use too!

@peachymegann Worst fear and best day of your life?

I have quite a few fears and phobias, I have a huge fear of dogs and I have a phobia of the s word  (sick!) too. I hate talking about it and I couldn’t even say the word up until about a year and half ago.
 I can’t really pinpoint one best day, but Brighton sticks out, all my holidays, trips to places and really spontaneous days out too! I’m really lucky to experience and go to some really cool places.

Thank you so much to all these lovely people for asking me these questions, so sorry if I didn’t get to answer your’s! This post would be so long! I hope you found out more about me.

Bethan xx

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