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14 October 2017

Hey everyone! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend so far <3

As you've probably already seen, over on @bepbeee I have started a new Autumn feed using the app VSCO. I'm obsessed with it and this past week I have loved editing the photos I have taken recently. 

I thought I would share with you how I edit them and show you a few other examples of the 'before and after' shots. Hope you enjoy!


Once uploading my chosen photo, I will put a certain filter on it depending on the style of the photo or season. For my Autumn feed, I have chosen the filter C1. I can't explain what changes it makes to the photo (as you can tell, I'm a real profesh *not*) but here is what it looks like:

Then I turn up the exposure to 1.1, the most I ever go up to is 2.1! This makes the photo a bit more lighter.

Next I turn up the contrast to also 1.1, this helps to bring out the lighter and darker tones in the photo.

Finally I turn up the clarity. For this photo I turned it up to 2.2 because it has me in it and too much clarity does not look good on the skin. However, for all my other photos I usually turn it up to 4.4. The purpose of clarity is to bring out the texture in the photo, turning it right up on photos with people in it, can make them look quite wrinkly, haha.

And that is how I edit the photos for my new autumnal theme. It is so simple and using VSCO makes it even easier!

Here is the difference: 

How amazing? I thought I would show you some other examples too!

I hope you liked this different style of post, I will be sure to make another one if I suddenly decide I want to change my theme any time soon!

Bethan xx


  1. I use VSCO too, its such a lifesaver!


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