My Four Current Favourite Fashion Trends

30 August 2017

Hey everyone! Hope you're all having a lovely week so far x

As a lot of you probably already know, I'm a little but obsessed with fashion and buying clothes but more probably scouring online shops for inspiration or seeing what's 'new in'. I love finding out about new trends and discovering fresh ways to style different items. For this blog post I have collated four of my favourite current trends to share with you!

1. Everything Gingham!!

Gingham will always be a timeless trend but 2017 has been the year where everywhere stocks it. I have practically everything gingham; gingham dresses, gingham tops, gingham trousers. I love pairing my trousers with a plain or slogan tee and my trainers. Such a casual and cool look that will never go out of style.

2. Slogan Tee's

I have been obsessed with slogan tee's the last few months. However, I'm not a fan of gimmicky ones, I much prefer slogans that are simple and cool. Mango, H&M, Bershka and Topshop do some really lovely ones , if you are on the look out. I'm actually wearing one of my favourite slogan tees from H&M whilst writing this paired with my gingham culottes. There are so many ways to style them!

3. Pleated Midi Skirts

I bought a midi skirt back in March and have worn it to death! I love it so much, more than I thought I would. I didn't think that I could pair it with a lot but I have really tried and loved to experiment different ways that I could style it. In the photos in this post, I'm wearing a pyjama style cactus shirt from Topshop that I hadn't worn in ages and didn't think it would go but it does! I have actually got a metallic midi skirt on my birthday list from Topshop and (if I get it) I can't wait to wear it with jumpers in Autumn!

4. Trainers

Apart from when it's summer, all I'm wearing on my feet is trainers!! They go with everything, they are so comfy and just basically look cool with everything in your wardrobe. I'm a converse girl through and through but I do love my adidas white superstars and I'm also eyeing up a platform silver pair from Zara.

And also culottes, mom jeans, anything striped or embroidered! I have too many!! Also whilst I'm writing this it is raining and pretty grey outside, does that make anyone else excited for Autumn?

Bethan xx


  1. Gingham and slogan tees are two of my favourite things at the moment too! They seem to be all I wear.


  2. I absolutely love gingham, pleated midi skirts and embroidery too! Your skirt in the photos is gorgeous!

  3. I like the slogan tees trend too!


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