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30 July 2017

Hey everyone!

Today's post is a bit different to what I usually upload but I'm so excited to share it with you!

Last week on Thursday, me, my sisters, Auntie, Uncle and cousin visited a 'Make + Create' exhibition, there was lots of really cool art work and we got to meet the artists too. I really enjoyed it and afterwards we went to Pizza Express. What's not to love!

We were fortunate enough to be there with Max Clark (the Accessible Information Project Lead also a family friend) who kindly provided me with this information:
'Make + Create, an art collective made up of artists with learning disabilities have hosted an exhibition at the Quay Place Heritage and Wellbeing Centre, Key Street, Ipswich. The work on show is from the recent collaboration project with the University of Suffolk, Ace Anglia & Autism & ADHD, with part of he funding coming from the Bailey Thomas Charitable Fund. As well as producing art, the project looked at the wellbeing of the artists involved, with the benefits and impacts of the project measured before, during and will be measured again after the exhibition. the wellbeing element was led by research assistants from the University. Karl Butler, one of the artists exhibiting said: "It felt really great to be part of the project, I got to meet new friends and for the first time be able to show and sell some art. I've also learnt different ways to produce art and understand what art is all about to me." '

After being at the exhibition, I felt really inspired and knew that I wanted to tell you all about in order to hopefully inspire you too.

Follow the collective's work on: (both linked)
Instagram: @_makeandcreate
Twitter: @_makeandcreate

Hope you enjoyed this post and reading all about 'Make + Create'!
Thank you to Max for helping me out with this post and introducing me to 'Make + Create'.

Bethan xx


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