A Sunny Sunday In Aldeburgh

9 July 2017

Hey everyone! 

This afternoon, me, my family, auntie and cousins went on a spontaneous trip to Aldeburgh. It was such gorgeous weather! Of course, I ended up taking lots of photos so I thought I'd share them all with you!

Going to Aldeburgh is one of my favourite things to do in the summer and their fish and chips are some of the best. And my ice cream was amazing too! It was from a shop called 'Ice-Creamery' and they can mix any chocolate with the ice cream on a cold plate. I did go basic though, and just got a banana ice cream. 

Hope you liked all the photos! There'll be a new post up on Wednesday at 7pm.

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Bethan xx


  1. I hope you had a good time.Banana ice cream sounds soo good-definitely not basic at all x


    1. I did thank you! Aw, I didn't choose to have a chocolate in it! Haha xx


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