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13 May 2017

 Hey everyone!

So about a year ago I uploaded a blog post sharing some room decor ideas/desk tour and that now is one of my most viewed posts which is super exciting! About a week ago, I changed up room a bit and since last year's blog post, I've added a few new bits to it. I took a bunch of photos and I thought I would share them all with you and talk you through how I've changed up my room.

Before I get started my desk, chair and drawers are all from Ikea.

As you can see from the photos, I have two clipboards hung up which have two of my favourite quotes on them and the little polaroid print is just there as a super cute touch. They were so easy to make and didn't cost much money either. These are also really good for attaching notes onto or revision notes (ugh) as it's exam season now, ahhh! 

Between my clipboards and the other side of my wall, there was a gap which really bugged me because I had no idea what do with it. Printing little quotes out was the first idea that came to mind as it was so quick but looks quite effective. How cute is the cactus print though?

Now onto my desk! I feel that there are so many ways of changing up your room without buying new things; the way I updated my room was changing the things in my room around. It sounds so simple and it really is! I already had all of these items, just in different parts of my room.
The light up B is from Hobbycraft, I actually had this hung up on my wall and I've replaced it with one of my copper wire baskets. You can probably tell but the copper pot is from Zoella's Lifestyle range and the pencils in it too! The plant is from B&Q and the lamp is from Homebase. How beautiful is this planner from Hobbycraft that my sister bought me?! I love it so much and it's going to feature in a 'Plan With Me June' in a couple of weeks. 

The copper wire basket (Big and small come in a set from Sass And Belle) that I mentioned earlier is now on my wall with the cutest wooly cactus in and a jar of pins that my auntie got me. 

I ordered another set of photos for my pegs from Lalalab as photos are a huge part of my room and just hanging a new set up, makes a whole load of difference to the vibe of my room. I've actually got a code for you all to use on your first order with Lalalab, type in: PGVFXHIF to get £5.00* off your first order. 

Light Box- Argos
Skurar Pot- Ikea
Makeup Brushes- Makeup Revolution
Lipstick- Mac Velvet Teddy
Wire Basket- Sass And Belle (comes in a set with a slightly smaller one that I showed earlier on in the post) 
Book- Betty Magazine
Travel Cup- Zoella Lifestyle
Plant pot- Zoella Lifestyle
Plant- B&Q

I updated this part of my room by moving things that were on my desk to my drawers and this section of my room could now be one of my favourites!

Since changing up my bedroom it has felt so different which goes to show that you don't need to spend barely any money to give your room a little Spring update. I really hope you liked this post and for how photo heavy it is! It's one of my longest blog posts!
Have a lovely weekend!

(*Disclaimer: Just thought I would let you know that Lalalab didn't sponsor me for saying that because as you order with them, they automatically give you a code to share with your friends.)

Bethan xx


  1. LOVE the polaroid polaroid picture wall! SO cute!



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