Cake Baking With Evie

13 April 2017

Hey everyone! 

Earlier this week I went round to my best friend Evie's house and we did a spot of Spring baking! I forget how much I love baking because I rarely find the time to do it.

We made a rocky road which sadly didn't make the cut to my blog nor did we take any photos of it because it didn't want to come of out the tin, therefore we were left with a chocolate-ty mess. However, it tasted amazing.

As you can tell from the photos we made a victoria sponge cake which was also from 'Tanya Bakes', it tasted incredible also the presentation skills from both of us were pretty great. 

I would thoroughly recommend the 'Tanya Bakes' recipe book. If you want to recreate this cake, find the rocky road recipe (and try and make it better than us) or make anything else from her book.
Click here to see it.

Thankyou for reading and I hope you liked this sort of post.

Bethan xx


  1. It looked delicious!The only recipe of Tanya Burr's I've ever tried was the smartie flapjack one from her first book and it was soo good xx

  2. Thankyou! Ooh I need to try that, sounds amazing! xx


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