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31 March 2017

Hey everyone! Hope you're all well :)

You can look at a blogger or celebrity's instagram page and everything is set out so perfectly because they choose to only post the good posts. Everyone can be guilty of this. No one is perfect and no-one ever will be. 
I feel like some people think that blogging is all rosy when some of the time, it isn't! Today's blog post is related to this subject and I'm going to share with you the pros and cons of blogging.


The community
The blogging community and some of the friends that I have made through blogging are completely amazing. They are always there when you need to ask them questions or just have a chat about how it's Spring and how light evenings excite us very much. Also I have to thank you lovely bunch who comment and read my blog posts, and support me through every change and decision I've made.

When I started blogging, I never ever imagined that I would get brand emails asking me to review their products and I feel so lucky and grateful to have these opportunities. 

Doing what you love and feeling free
The thing that made me bite the bullet and start blogging was the the fact that I could write whatever I want. There's no-one looking over your shoulder telling you that you should write in a certain way or write a certain blog post. I feel free to post whenever I want and it's okay to have a break when it all gets too much.


It can be stressful...only sometimes though
When you've said that you're going to put a blog post up at a certain time and then you have a last minute panic because you haven't uploaded it on time or a technical issue has made the blog post delete completely, that's stressful. But in the end when you've finally posted it, it is all worth it.

Bloggers Block
The most annoying thing is when you're minds gone blank and you can't think of any original post ideas! You want your posts to be different and not have been done before but most of time that can't be possible. I find that 'Blog post idea' posts are really helpful to look at to spark some creativity in your mind.

The ability to compare
I might not be correct but the majority of bloggers (including me) go through the stage of doubting your posts and constantly questioning whether your blog is good enough. This is my most disliked thing ever and I wish thoughts like these didn't exist. Eventually, these thoughts do pass because you realise that everyone's blog is unique to themselves and comparing yourself to others is not good for the mind!

Disclaimer: Please please do not think this is a hate post towards blogging because I love it so much and can't imagine my life without doing it. This is just to show the other side of blogging which is not always seen and shown.

Bethan xx

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