Barry M Matte Me Up Lip Kit | Review

6 March 2017

Hey everyone!

Ever since these Barry M Lip Kits have come out, I have wanted to try them so badly! So a couple of days ago, I went into Superdrug and bought two in, 'Go to' and 'Runway'. There is another shade called 'Pose' but they didn't have that in stock.


Each lip kit, containing a liquid lipstick and a lip liner, costs £6.99. Comparing this price to other lip kits e.g Kylie Lip Kits which cost around $30 (around £23), £6.99 is such an amazing price considering the quality.


The packaging is very simple and compact meaning it is easy to take them around with you in your bag, if you want to keep the lip products safe in the packaging.



'Go To' is the ultimate nude lip. However, the actual shade of the liquid lipstick is slightly different to the shade on the packaging and outer casing. To me, this didn't really matter as I like it anyway. A good tip is to apply concealer on your lips before applying the lipstick to give yourself a blank canvas. 

'Runway' is a rich raspberry shade that will be your best friend during Spring and Summer. 
Considering the price, both lipsticks and liners of both shades are so pigmented.


When applying, I found it best to put on lip balm or use a lip scrub before so your lips don't looked cracked or dry with the liquid lipstick.
The lip liners are really easy and smooth to apply and so are the lipsticks. They feel so light on your lips that it is hard to notice whether you have got anything on. 
The night I actually got both of these lip kits, I stupidly applied them before eating my dinner BUT I was so surprised to see nothing had budged. I haven't tried them out for an all day purpose but I'm sure these stay on for a long period of time.

Overall, I love these a lot and think they are such great value for money.

Bethan xx


  1. Ooh they seem so amazing and at such a good quality and price! I need to try one out! X

    Meg xx

    1. You seriously do meg, you will fall in love!! xx

  2. I love these kits and have got the shade Pose myself. Really want to get go to though, it looks gorgeous.


    1. Pose is next on my list too! Go to is the perfect nude colour. x

  3. Both of these look really pretty! Such a good price too! x

  4. These look so nice!I love the Kylie lip kits shades but they're so expensive so I will definitely look into purchasing these instead because they seem very similar x

    1. Yeah, they are practically the same! Go for it, you'll love them!! Xx

  5. I've got only one single Matte Me Up lipstick and I can't wait to get the rest as well as all the lip kits... Living in France it's pretty hard to come across them - impossible rather.
    Coming to London in August, I'm gonna break the bank ! x)
    Runway especially has a really nice look to it :D

    Tissam :)

    1. Aw! Let me know which ones you get! Yeah runway is lovely xx


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