Sunday Is For...Pampering

12 February 2017

Hey everyone!

I find it so hard to relax and switch off my brain, BUT pamper evenings are probably one of the only things that can solve both of those. 
Today I'm going to be sharing with you some of the products I use on a pamper evening.


The first thing I do is run a warm bath. I have been loving the Zoella Beauty Bath Latte, a bath and shower milk, that you can pour under running water to leave your skin feeling super silky soft. The scent is filled with oh so delicious things; sweet almond, cacao and honey.
Usually I use a bath bomb or have some bubbles in my bath to make it a bit less boring!


Whilst I'm in or out the bath, I will put a face mask on. The one I have been using and loving is the Quick Fix Purifying Charcoal Mask. I leave it on for about 15 minutes but you know you need to take it off when your face feels tight and the mask has dried. Once taken off, my face feels so clean and clear.


After taking off the face mask, I use the Garnier micellar water to cleanse my face. One of my new loves for moisturiser is coconut oil. I only use this at night because it leaves your face quite oily. But it is a miracle worker! When you wake up, the oil has sunk in and your face feels plump and so soft. You can get this from your local supermarket. It really helps to reduce dry patches and soothe chapped lips.


On a pamper evening, I find it really therapeutic and relaxing to paint my nails. I don't do it that often because we aren't allowed it at school. This week I can as it's half term, yay! I have been loving this Essie nail polish in 'Figi'. The perfect spring shade!

Finally I like to finish off my pamper evening by reading and catching up on some Youtube videos. Check out my Book Recommendation posts to see what books I have been loving recently.

I really hope you liked this post!

Bethan xx


  1. I really loved this! I find it so hard to switch off too and I'll definitely have to try out coconut oil soon!


  2. The Essie nailpolish in Figi looks stunning,must give it a go sometime! x


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