Makeup Revolution Rose Gold Brushes

7 January 2017

Hey everyone!

For christmas I was so grateful to receive the limited edition 'Makeup Revolution Rose Gold Brushes'! Here's a little review to tell you all what they are like.

In this set it comes with 9 brushes, 5 face brushes and 4 eye brushes. It also comes with a beauty blender but not gonna lie, it was too hard to photograph!

From left to right:

  1. Pro HD flat eyeshadow brush
  2. Pro HD contour brush
  3. Pro HD angled eyebrow brush
  4. Pro HD prime and correct brush
  5. Pro HD powder brush
  6. Pro HD conceal brush
  7. Pro HD fine eyeshadow brush
  8. Pro HD flat blending brush
  9. Pro HD round eyeshadow brush
These brushes are honestly so soft and feel like such good quality! The rose gold looks so pretty and the pink in the brush is a beautiful touch.

As you can maybe see from the first photo, I store them in my Skurar Candle Holder from Ikea. I mean, nobody is going to want to store them in a cupboard where people can't see them!

All the brushes and the beauty blender together cost around £20 which is amazing considering their good quality. As these were part of their Christmas range, they might not be in stock or sold anymore but I'm sure all the other brushes in their main collection are just as good!

I really hope you liked this little review and have a lovely rest of your weekend.

Bethan xx


  1. What gorgeous brushes! You got such a good deal too, £20 is a bargain! x

  2. These brushes are absolutely gorgeous! The colour combination is so lovely xx

    1. I know! They are honesty the most beaut thing I've ever seen! Xx

  3. Wow...these look nice!Must keep an eye out for Makeup Revolution sets because these look really good and definitely not too out of my price range x


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