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8 December 2016

Hey everyone! 

Over the past week I have been collecting little things to help decorate my room for christmas. Today I'm going to be sharing those things with you as well as ways to 'christimise' your room for the festive season!

Christmas Trees!!

This is the first year where I have had a christmas tree in my bedroom and I absolutely love it. I got this one for a total bargain of £10 in Paperchase! It's such a good size (2ft) and it's such a festive and cheap way to decorate. To save space you can actually flatten the back branches and bring them forward, which makes it easier to have it against walls or in corners of rooms. You may notice that I haven't got any baubles on it, this is because I wanted to keep it minimal however, it still looks so pretty and goes with my snowy vibe.

 Snow Globes or any Christmas ornaments!

Things like this are so subtle but still so Christmassy. I got this from Tiger for only £3.00 I think! This would look so lovely in a woodland/grotto themed room.

Christmas Candles are great to have on the side too, especially if they look cute and smell amazing!

 Christmas Cards!

If you don't have a place in your room where you can hang or pin up christmas cards, you can hang string from any place on your wall and peg or hang them onto the string. This is so easy to do and makes your room that extra bit christmassy!

A Light Box!
(I know, christmas is less days than this! I took this photo a couple of days ago.)
If you have a light box, you can change the letters to the countdown to christmas. This would look lovely next to your tree or in amongst christmas decorations. 

I really hope this post gave you a bit of Christmas room inspo!
Have a lovely weekend!

Bethan xx


  1. I can't wait to decorate my room, I have a mini christmas tree but I haven't put it up yet. I love that you didn't put any baubles on yours, it gives it such a different look xx

  2. Your room looks lovely, Bethan! We're going to start pulling our decorations out this weekend! Looking forward to your next post! xoxo

  3. Thank you so much for collaborating! xo


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