Update: My Plans For This Year

20 November 2016

Hey everyone!

Back in February I did a blog post about my plans for this year. As we are in November and it's so nearly the end of 2016, I thought this was the perfect time to give you an update.

One of my plans was to get more involved with brands and collaborate with companies. I have been so lucky to collaborate with such amazing brands such as Coconut Lane, MOA and Glasses Shop. I'm forever grateful for opportunities like these and I only have you guys to thank so thankyou!

Last year for Christmas I was kindly gifted a photography book so one of my plans was to get better at taking photos. I have been reading the book and taking tips from other people so if I do say so myself, I think I have improved and I'm happy with a lot of photos I take. I just want to keep on improving!

My last plan was to revamp my blog as a whole. I stated in the post that when I look at my blog, I want to feel proud and happy of what I have created. As the year has progressed, I have felt more and more pleased with my blog. I had it redesigned a week ago by a lovely lady from 'Fearne Creative Design' on etsy and it has made me so much more motivated to achieve the best of my ability.

On the whole I think I have done pretty well on keeping up with my resolutions and I'm so excited to create new ones!

Bethan xx

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