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2 September 2016

Hey everyone!

Unfortunately, we are coming to the end of the summer holidays (insert sad face here) and everyone is back to school shopping! The only good part of going back to school for me, is buying new stationary so that's what I did and I'm sharing what I bought with you!

My favourite thing in this whole haul is this leaf print pencil case I got from Paperchase. I LOVE the pattern and is it sad that I think it will go well with my backpack? It was £12 which I know is a bit pricey for a pencil case but as it is made out of leather, it is good quality and I will be using it lots.

I got the two main essentials, pencils and pens! The Paper Mate pens that I got, I find really easy to write with and they last a long time. For my school we have to have art pencils as well as normal writing pencils so I bought these as its basically a two in one.

I think practically everyone has these highlighters and as YouTube always does, it made me want to buy them too! They are thin nibbed so maybe you might have more precision when highlighting?! Also I got the Crayola coloured pencils, there is such a variety of colours in here and they're good quality for the low price that they were.

Waiting for a glue stick in class could be one of the most annoying things ever so finally this year I decided to buy my own! I just got the mini one as it would fit in my pencil case better. 
I repurchased the pencil sharpener/rubber that I had last year as it worked well and it was easier having both together.

These two are probably the most boring things I bought but they are a staple to anyone's pencils case! Again, for my school they advise us to have a 360 degree protractor, but I bought the folding ruler just because it was cool and I've had one before!

Finally, the last thing I bought were two ring-binder folders in this amazing blue ombre pattern! I'm always in need of folders to put loose sheets in or homework so these are perfect, especially as you can put them in ring-binders.

I hope you enjoyed this very long haul and a 'What's in my backpack?' will hopefully be up next week!

Bethan xx


  1. I am such a stationery lover so I really enjoyed this post!! Your pencil case is lovely! I also love your background, the photos on your walls are so cute! Can't wait for your what's in my backpack next week X

    Erin // Everything Erin

  2. Ah this makes me so happy, seeing stationary hauls really satisfy me! I love your pencil case, and those folders are so snazzy!! Hope back to school isn't too bad!! (:

    1. Aww thankyou! Yes, I hope so too! Hope everything goes okay for you xx

  3. I really like the Papermate pens, they do coloured ones as well and I use them for revision! I haven't seen any sharpie highlighters in shops but I really want some xx

  4. I loveee the pencilcase!Its looks so nice but its just a shame that its so expensive,I'll definitely have to add it on my wishlist though ♥

  5. omg i need this pencil case! I'm going to uni next week and i've spent way too much on stationary, i feel u gurl x

    1. Yes, you need to! Good luck at uni lovely! Xx

  6. Stationary was the only thing making me happy about school haha! Your pencil case is lovely I hope you have enjoyed your first couple of weeks of school!

    1. Omg same! Thankyou! I hope you have to! Xx


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