Spring Nail Picks

8 April 2016

Hey everyone! 

I love anything Spring coloured especially when it comes to nail polishes. Even though I don't paint my nails often, (our school doesn't allow it) I do still love having them painted.

When pampering, I like to paint my nails to relax but it never normally is a very relaxing process, for me anyway. I end up with painting my fingers more than my nails and it is just a big mess! My left hand will look nice because I paint them nails with my right hand (my writing hand) and then the nails on my right hand will look rubbish! (painted with my non-writing hand)
As a consequence of the multi-palavers I have had in the past, I'm very reluctant and just end up not painting my nails. BUT I want to change that and this Spring I'm going to try my hardest and paint my nails as best and as frequently as I can.
Before I ramble on any further, I'm going to share some of my favourite Spring coloured nail polishes!

Barry M 'Speedy Quick Dry' nail polishes are probably my favourite! When the words 'speedy quick dry' are mentioned in the title, I know that those polishes are the ones for me! Bodging your nails is literally the worst thing ever, knowing that all your hard work has been spoilt by making one slight move! These are some of my favourite Spring shades form that collection:

~'Road Rage' (the first one of the left) is a minty, duck egg blue shade that toally screams out Spring! It would look nice in the very early stages of the season when all the flowers are blooming.

~'Eat My Dust' (the second one on the left) is defintely my favourite! It is a light, dusty lavender shade that would look amazing on nails infront of flowers for a good instagram photo!

~Onto the third nail polish and it's from Jack Wills. When people say 'Spring nail polishes' or even just 'Spring' the first thing that comes to mind is the word 'pastel'. This pastel pink or this 'pretty pink' nail polish is perfect for those Spring days in the park.

The last nail polishes are from the 'Barry M gelly nail polishes'. Basically your getting a similar effect as proper gel nails, but your not actually going to get them done and it is going to cost you maybe a third of the price. These are some Spring shades (and my favourite) from the range:

~'Prickly Pear' is kind of similar to 'Eat my Dust' but a more saturated, enhanced version. A lilac that you could bring into 'Summer Nail Picks' too!

~'Passionfruit' is like a staple to your Spring/Summer collection. A coralish, red and 'pinkish' shade is so pretty and bold, block colours like this defintely stand out amongst the crowd.

I hope you all enjoy this post and comment below what your favourite colour was out of these five. Thankyou for reading!

Bethan xx


  1. I really liked this post! I'm definitely going to have to try out some more nail polishes from Barry M! I also agree when you say that you end up painting more fingers than nails - I'm the exact same! Xx

    1. Ahh thankyou! Yes, it is an absolute nightmare!! Xx

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  3. i have 3 of those barry m nail polishes and love them. perfect picks for spring:)


  4. Definitely the blue one. I am always wearing red nail polish but lately I've been wearing Essie Polish in "Fun on the Gondala". It's a gorgeous pink color that isn't too light or too bright. The perfect pink nude color for spring/summer.

    1. Ahh I going to definitely try that essie one out! Xx

  5. Loved this post and Barry M nail varnishes are definitely my fave! All the shades are stunning. x

    Kate// katerosexo1.blogspot.com

    1. Ahh thankyou! They are definitely my fav too! Xx

  6. I love the 'Road rage' one, I might try 'eat my dust' xx

  7. I've just bought Eat My Dust because I don't have any lavender shades and it's gorgeous!! I love Spring so much because it's when you can wear pastel EVERYTHING haha!

    Imogen // imogenscribbles.co.uk

    1. Ahh! Yesss, that's probably my favourite thing too! Xx


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