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25 March 2016

Hey everyone!

About a week ago I ordered five things from Zara as I felt I needed more colour in my wardrobe for Spring! Unfortunately I had to send a few things back as they didn't fit, but I really wanted to show you the remaining pieces that I kept. So, that is what I'm going to do today.
Just to let you know, these pieces of clothing are from the girls range but I'm sure you can get similar pieces in the ladies section.

This blouse definitely caught my eye when I saw it on the website and it so screams out Spring! It is a cotton shirt that has embroided neon spots on it. I would say it is a boxy shape and it has buttons down it. It looks lovely with jeans and it would look great with a denim skirt. It is quite sheer so I wear a vest top underneath. It was £10.99 which I think is a really good price for a shirt this good quality!

I really love the pattern on this top, it is so unusual but I love it! It has pom-pom lace edging on the sleeves and around the bottom, it just adds that lil' somethin'. The top is thin and light so it is perfect for those Spring days. I don't really know how to describe the feel of it but it is so soft and comfortable to wear. The only down side is that the pom-poms are quite delicate because one or two on mine have just come off! The top was £8.99.

I was probably most excited about this item to arrive out of the whole bunch. However, when it came, it wasn't how it looked on the website. On the website the photos showed that the stripes were grey but they are actually multi-coloured! To be honest I still love the top despite the fact it wasn't how it looked on the web as it is just something different. I haven't got anything like this colour wise in my wardrobe but I'm so glad I now have. The tassel on the pocket is so cute as it just gives off a spring bohemian vibe. I wear this top with a pair of jeans but I slightly tuck in a bit at the front as on me, it is a bit too long. And it was £8.99.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and comment down below your favourite item! 

Bethan xx


  1. Omg I love the blue top and the pom pom edging is so cute! It will be great for Spring X

  2. I loved this haul, I defiantly need to get some more colour into my wardrobe this spring as it's mostly all black! Xx

    1. Thankyou! Haha, yeah mine was mostly grey and black too! Xx

  3. That polka dot shirt is so so cute! x

  4. The neon polka one is gorgeous Xx


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