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8 March 2016

Hey everyone!

I have never really talked about skincare on my blog before but it is a topic that has been requested a lot for me to write about. So, in today's post I'm going to be sharing my favourite skincare products at the moment.

I have been using moisturiser since this time last year. As I don't wear makeup and my skin wasn't bad at that time, I just wanted something to make my face feel softer and not too dry.
Now, I use moisturiser and the two other products because I have more oily skin around and on my nose and to get rid of the dry patches on my cheeks.
Occasionally I do get the odd spot but it doesn't stay for long.

Up until a few weeks ago, I used to use the 'Garnier Moisture and Soft' moisturiser but once that one had ran out, I had to get a new one. I wanted a moisturiser that would make my face feel fresh and would be specialised in helping oily skin. I found one that ticked all of them boxes and that is the 'Simple Clear Skin, Oil balancing' moisturiser. When I apply this to my face, it feels like it's just put a matte layer over my skin but it isn't sticky or it doesn't feel like you have put powder on either. And obviously it has no coverage. 
It also makes my face feel soft and I can already see change in the way my skin looks. 

Before I apply moisturiser, I use this, which is from the 'Superdrug Tea Tree Range'. Tea tree has always been said to be good for skin and now that I have started to use these type of products, I can totally see why. 
One particular piece from the range that I have been loving is the 'Foaming Facial wash'. The consistency of the product in the bottle is very much like water, but when you pump it out it is in the form of foam. I just apply one or two pumps of this on a wet face and gently massage this into my skin in circular motions. Then I just wash it off and pat my face dry.
It cleanses away the dirt, impurities and excess oil which makes my skin feel ultra clean and refreshed.

Another product that I have been loving, which is also from the 'Superdrug Tea Tree Range', is the 'Deep Cleansing Nose Strip'. As I stated right at the start of this post, my nose can get quite oily especially around the nostril area. I'm not sure this is the best nose strip you can buy out there but it definitely does the job. You basically apply the strip across your nose to a wet face and leave on there for about 15-20 minutes. In those 15 or so minutes the strip starts to become dry and hard. After the time, you pull it off your nose. I know this sounds so gross, but as you are taking it off you can feel all of the blackheads, oil and dirt that you may have in the skin of your nose, being pulled out. I must say that it actually really hurts and it makes my eyes stream!! But after use, it definitely leaves the pores on my nose refeshed and purified. Just to let you know that, I use this two times a week as my skincare routine.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and thankyou so much for 80 followers on here, that is so so crazy!! 

Bethan xx


  1. What a lovely post! I must do a skincare routine soon too!! Xx

  2. Lovely post as usual! Congratulations on 80 followers!<3

    Charlotte <3


  3. Loved the post! And so much detail which I love

    Wi xx


  4. Well done lovely, great post as per usual. Want to try those teatree strips xx

  5. Lovely post and I loved your photos as well xx


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