What I Plan To Do This Year

5 February 2016

Hey Everyone! 

As you can see I'm quite late to be doing one of these posts, (seeing as we are now in February!) but as they say 'better late than never'.

Last year was a year of starting new things and new beginnings. This year I hope I will develop these new things even further like my blog.
I gained more confidence last year; I was sharing my passion with strangers, people I didn't know, which at first I thought was quite daring! I had no clue who was even reading my blog! Some of these strangers are now people who I chat to and share posts with eachother. 
It wasn't until I started blogging that I realised it was something I was always meant to do.

This year I would love to get more involved with brands, from reviewing products to doing giveaways. I've already got something like one of those two in the pipeline so keep your eyes peeled! I'm not counting on any more of these happening as this plan is only a wish.

I plan to get better at photography or learn some new skills. If you read my 'what I got for christmas' blog post, you will know I received a photograghy book. I'm basically relying on that book to help me!

I'd like to develop my blog as a whole to be honest. From having better content to making my blog look prettier. I want to get to that stage where I look at my blog and feel happy with it. I would also like that to happen when other people look at my blog, that they either feel inspired or it has put a smile on their face.

I really hope that I will be able to achieve these plans (basically all blogging/photography related) and I will definitely do an updated post to let you guys know if I have!

what are your plans for this year?

Beth xx 


  1. I loved this post, I can't wait for the future of your blog! I love your layout so so much. My plans are to be proud and hopefully get a url without the blogspot in it.

    Wi xx

    1. Aww thankyou so much! Hope you achieve your plans and I can't wait for our collab tomorrow! Xx

  2. Great plans! I am aiming to get more involved with brands this year too, and extend the topics I talk about too!
    Lovely post x
    Chloe ♡

  3. Aw, this is such a lovely post to read. What nice plans you have! I wish you the very best with all of them.

    Jade x


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