Tips On How To Not Procrastinate

7 February 2016

Hey everyone!

I can't lie and say that I'm not a procrastinator because I am! And this post was very requested so here it is.

1. Turn off your phone

Whenever I do my homework and have my phone beside me, a notification goes off and I'm away with the fairies. I find that now if I turn it off I'm less likely to look at it or scroll through instgram! (thats what I normally do when I procrastinate!)

2. Have an insentive afterwards

I love this tip as I just have a greater excuse to have a relaxing bath after or I like to do something with my family. If you know that you have something exciting to do afterwards, you will do your homework or work with more speed and you won't even have time to look at you phone or drift off and day dream.

3. Make a list

If you have a list of things you need to do, it will motivate you more. I personally love making lists and ticking things off as I complete them, you might do too. I even put a thing I've already done to make it seem like I've done more! 

4. Start of with the hard things first

I find this one quite challenging as I normally do it the other way round but now I complete the hard things first. It will make you feel a lot better if you have done the hard things first as you have an easier ride on the way to finish. 

I really hope this has helped some of you and look foward to another post on Tuesday!

Beth xx


  1. I procrastinate soooo much! I'm supposed to be doing my maths homework now!

  2. I'm so awful for procrastinating! I definitely find that I work better if I have something exciting to do afterwards. Would love if you could check out my recent fashion post? X

    The Fashion Road

    1. Thankyou for your comment! Yes, I will definitely go and check it out xxx

  3. this is such a great post. i am always procrastinating, i love having a check list as it makes me feel much more organised.-mae xx

    1. Aww thankyou! Yeah, I love having checklists too! Xx

  4. What a helpful post this is! I will definitely be taking some of these tips on board, because I always have work I should be getting on with, but I just continuously procrastinate, and as you said, notifications on my phone soon leave me away with the fairies! Xx


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