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16 February 2016

Hey everyone!

Just before we get started, this post is a collab with Shannon. Click here 
to see her beautiful blog. She is also doing 'Room Decor Ideas' so head over to her blog to see her ideas!

I have just had a lot of new things put into my bedroom, so this collab post opportunity came in great timing to show you some of the decor in my room.
I love designing and picturing what I'd like my future room or house to look like, but sadly a lot of those ideas are expensive and they probably won't happen. So I searched on Youtube to get some inspiration and found some really cool, easy and affordable decor ideas that I have changed to make them my own to share with you all.

Cacti or Succulents

If you are redecorating your room, it is always nice to have plants or a tiny succulent in your room as it just makes it feel so fresh and clean in some way. I got these three cute cacti from B&Q after traipsing around multiple other shops trying to find them!
Obviously you can get bigger ones than this or smaller ones but these went with my room perfectly. I found these really small kilner jars from Homebase and you will also need some compost if you want to create the same cacti threesome as me. Once you have got what you need, you can put them all together and Hey Presto! you have three cacti that will make your room refreshed and ready for Spring.

Side note- You only have to water these once a month! *sits and relaxes and forgets to water them even once a month*

Clipboard Quotes

I love this idea so much as it is so quick and easy. These clipboards are diagonally above my desk, so they can give me inspiration and a lot of the time, motivation. All you need are clipboards and a use to a computer and a printer. I made these quotes using fonts from Dafonts which are free. 
Let me know down below if you want me to attach the fonts or document I used. 
This idea is so versatile as you can use any clipboards or quotes, and basically just make it your own to fit your personality or room theme.

Photos on String

This is probably one of my most favourite parts of my room! I love how you can change the pictures and it was so easy to do and make. You can totally make this decor idea your own and make something that symbolises you as a person. Photos that you love or you have taken can create a tumblr and cool vibe in your room. All you need is strong string, photos and mini or normal pegs. 

I hope you enjoyed my three Room Decor Ideas and remember to check out Shannon's post as well.

Bethan xx


  1. I like the clipboard quotes idea. Very cute!

  2. Your wall is my goals haha! I love everyone of these ideas and it's nice to not have the same old boring diys haha! Xxx

    1. Aww thankyou so much! Haha, glad to know mine wasn't boring! Haha xx

  3. Your wall is amazing! I am in lovee!
    Chloe ♡

  4. This had so much decor inspiration! Loved your photos as well xx

  5. These are all such cute ideas, love it! x


  6. I absolutely loved all of these ideas, and I will definitely take them into consideration when redecorating my room soon. They are so cute! Xx

    1. Aww thankyou! If any of these ideas become part of your new room, please send me photos! I would love to have a look! xx

  7. These are the cutest ideas! xo

    1. Thankyou! So sorry for the late reply! Xx

  8. Your room looks so lovely ! I really love the clipboard quotes idea xx

  9. I love these ideas so much, please could you do a room tour or desk tour? �� -sancharose on ig


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