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12 February 2016

Hey everybody!

Today's post is about my fave shop at the moment, Topshop! I'm going to be sharing with you some of my favourite clothing pieces from Topshop. I haven't got all of these items so I will try my best to describe them! Also this post is a collab with the lovely blogger Lexi, click here to see her amazing blog!

Mom Jeans- £40

I love the look of these jeans so much! They are high waisted and the style is very retro like. These jeans would be really nice to wear on a picnic on a summer's day, as they give that chilled out vibe and they are very comfy. They are tapered cut so they would look great with a pair of chunky boots.

Crew Neck Stripe Body- £18

I absolutely love the idea of having a bodysuit type top that is just look so easy to wear with jeans or skirts, and they look like their tucked in but they are not! This top would go so well with the 'mom jeans'. You would be totally rocking a 70's look. Any stripe top (especially this one) would look so gorgeous with any demin type bottoms.

KARL Tassel Loafers- £42

I know these shoes are quite expensive but you can get these type of shoes anywhere to be honest! The silver in the shoes would just give this outfit a little bit of blitz and make it look more interesting. These shoes are 100% leather and they are totally wearable. (the shoes are probably so expensive because they are 100% leather!! Only just realised that!) 

Any rucksack or bag as an accessory would look lovely with this outfit but as a bag is a necessity you will probably have one already that will look great with this look.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and remember to check out Lexi's post too!

Bethan xx


  1. Fab look �� I've been meaning to try mom jeans... think you're right, in the warmer weather they'd be fab, perhaps with a crop top or something as they're high waisted �� x

    1. Yes, they would look great with a crop top! Thankyou and so sorry for the extremely late reply! Xx

  2. I really want to get some mom jeans and I love that backpack. Great post! x

    Kate// katerosexo1.blogspot.com

  3. Loved collabing with you also love the outfit. Great post!


    1. Thankyou! So sorry for the extremely late reply! Xx


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