What I Got For Christmas 2015

31 December 2015

 I hope you guys had an amzing christmas and I hope you all have an amazing new year! Look out for lots of new posts and exciting things happening in 2016!
Obviously I need to put a little disclaimer out there to say that I'm not trying to brag or boast about anything I got. I know how lucky I am to recieve these amazing gifts that I got from my family and friends. I'm purely doing this blog post because you guys requested it.

For my main present I recieved an Ipod touch 6th generation. Eeek! I actually don't have a picture of this to show you as the lighting on my camera went weird when I tried to take a picture of it! But if you would like to see it, head over to my instagram @bepbeee. My old ipod basically broke so you couldn't download anymore apps or even update them which was really annoying! So I asked for the 6th genetration and I'm really grateful that I got it. The gold/rose gold looks extremely beautiful in the light!

  In my stocking I got this Jack Wills set which comes with a water bottle, body lotion, body scrub, body wash, body butter all in the origanal scent 'hope cove' and a little shower pouf. I had my eye on this in Boots for ages and I love how you get so much in this set including a really good sized rucksack!

One of the things that I really wanted for christmas was a light up B. I looked on ebay for ages trying to find a metal one but there were all just a bit expensive! I love this one from 'Hobbycraft' which was only £10!! This will definetely be going on my wall!

Next I received some books! As soon as 'Girl Online on tour' came out I knew I wanted to read it beacause of how good 'Girl Online' was. I can't wait to read it! 
As a blogger, I really wanted to know how to take really good quality photos. This book would be a nice coffee table book as you don't have to read it from start to finish, you can just pick it up and read the bit you want to know about. I'm really excited to start reading this!
The last book I recieved wasn't on my list, I just saw it in 'Waterstones' and said that I liked it! I really love the idea of this journel type book as it would be really nice, in five years time, to go back and read some of the days that you had over the past five years. The thing is, will I write in it everyday? 

From my one of my Auntie and Uncle's I recieved the Zoella Bath Bombinis which I really wanted! These are really nice as you can keep the jar after you have used them! I love the copper foil around the bath bombs too!
From my other Auntie and Uncle I received an essie nail polish! I've always wanted to try one of these since everyone in the youtube and blogger industry talked about them, which was like ages ago! This one is in the shade, 'coctail bling'. I feel like this shade will go with anything and you could wear it in the Summer or Winter. 

 Every year there is always some sort of footwear on my list, this year I wanted loafers! These look amazing with skirts and tights. I really like the tassles on these and they just give a little bit of the bohemian vibe.

 From another one of my Aunties I recieved one of them denim skirts with the buttons down the middle. These looks so trendy and you can wear it in the Summer or Winter. I have loved this skirt as soon as everyone started to wear them!

I also got a copper bowl from Oliver Bonas, some other clothes, an itunes voucher and my Granny took all of my family to see 'Cinderella' the pantomime. I'm so grateful for everything that I got and I feel so lucky to have a very generous family!

Bethan x


  1. Looks like you got some lovely presents! I've recently been to see Cinderella at the pantomime too, it was so good! X

  2. Sounds like you had a great Christmas. As did I. I got basically all that I wanted. So grateful.

  3. Wow you got some gorgeous gifts. I really want the Zoella beauty products but they don't sell them here in Australia. I love anything Jack Wills and I got the first Girl Online book for Christmas. :) Hope you enjoy all of your lovely presents. :)
    Sally x

    1. Thankyou so much for commenting! I have definitely enjoyed my presents thankyou❤️ I hope you had a great Christmas too! Hope you are enjoying 'girl online'!

  4. I got Essie nail polish too! The shoes are really cute!


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